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Dec. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Alix Steel reports on a new strategy by McDonald’s using technology to woo customers. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Trying to get 20-year-old.

We're talking about mcdonald's. not so much a big mac.

If you are in the mood for some hash browns right now an app or that.

It is the latest attempt to revive sales in the united date.

Alix steel has been looking into this.

I tried to download it.

You can download it, but you cannot use it.

It is only available in certain cities.

Here is what it is.

It is basically like a giant coupon.

You get a hot and spicy for one dollar.

Something along those lines.

They send you a coupon and you go into the store and you redeem it.

The goal is to expand the customer base, not only for younger people, but for people with higher incomes.

It is difficult to get traction with them.

What it is not as a way to order and pay for food online.

Other stores are testing as well.

You can download the app anywhere, they can only redeem it at 1000 stores.

It is really a company struggling to keep it -- market share.

They were down 8/10 of one percent.

That was below estimates.

This is something that you are probably fill your it.

Mcdonald's created a chief officer position back in october.

They were trying to ramp up part of its world.

They really see mobile and digital as critical for business here in the u.s. what is so special about this app?

Peschel or just different.

On the one hand, the good thing is that it is a nap.

Everyone needs an app.

You come in to the store and you buy other stuff.

You upgrade to fries and you buy a coke.

That is where they make more money.

About 70% of stores are franchisees.

It is a different formula than starbucks.

Even grocery stores sell starbucks.

That is the model for how they should work.

There is no algorithm.

There's work to do in the back.

The real advantage is not having a different place to get a coupon.

It is knowing your customer and their spending patterns.

Then, you can start to drive sales.

That involves a lot of work.

Mcdonald's is really set up.

That is why they have achieved digital officer position.

-- ht digital -- a chief digital officer position.

We spoke about their digital strategy and the hiring of -- this is what he said.

We were not going hard after digital.

We have markets around the world that are doing some things in digital.

We have areas where we are testing mobile payments.

We have some areas where we have mobile ordering.

We have some online ordering in some areas.

We have not had many markets.

We have a couple now, but not many who had digital engagement offerings.

He says exactly your point.

Mcdonald's has been late to the game.

This becomes the law of large numbers.

They're too big to grow.

You need to attract new sales.

The people that you go to are the ones you may not have jobs.

They are very correlated to the job market.

Over many years, they have been able to grow revenues.

To be clear, they do make $2.7 million per store.

There is a big kill in that

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