Steve Jobs Always Put Product First: Isaacson

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Nov. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Aspen Institute President and CEO Walter Isaacson discusses Steve Jobs Tom Keene at Bloomberg's "The Year Ahead 2014" summit on Bloomberg Television at the Art Institute of Chicago. (Source: Bloomberg)

I am tom keene.

Still with me, walter isaacson.

We have been discussing cubs.

He wrote the book on steve jobs' huge success.

Let's talk about mr.

Jobs in the future for apple.

The time is marching on.

The legacy is there, every product is still an event.

But time is marching on.

What is different about apple in 2014 from five years or six years ago?

Starting at around 2000 when he got apple back on track, every three or four years, steve jobs blew us away with a product we did not know we needed.

I did not know i needed an ipod, now i cannot live without one.

Same with the phone in the tablet.

However, it has been three years or four years, they have added an inch to the iphone and take advantage from the ipad.

They have not blown us away.

I was looking at the samsung watch, i like that.

A wearable piece of technology.

Apple has got to come out with a holy cow new thing.

Whether it is a watch, atv tv, a camera, something.

Within the wealth created in silicon valley and in new york's silicon alley, can you be that innovative if the pressure is there to win big and be business people?

Technology is becoming too much about business and finance and less about engineering and technology.

That is what steve jobs felt.

I will channel what he told me over and over again.

If you focus on the finance and making a profit, you are going to not be innovative enough.

But if you care about making a product, a few focus on making great products, the profits will follow.

Always focus on the product, not a prophet.

Your comments on carl icahn and his activism?

Even to a giant like apple to bring cash back to shareholders.

You do not know what better to do with the cash.

I trust apple, tim cook is great.

They know more what to do with that cash than giving it back to the shareholders.

They should create new products.

What ceo should run microsoft?


Steve jobs said when the marketing and finance people start running the company, you will not have the focus on great products.

Put a product person in.

Is that an endorsement of alan mulally of ford?

I have seen him, he is a truly great leader, a wonderful person.

He seems to care deeply about product.

I do not get a vote on the

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