Wall Street’s `Fear Gauge’ Off to a Slow Start

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Jan. 9 (Bloomberg) – Stutland Volatility Group Managing Director Dan Deming and Bloomberg’s Matt Miller focus on the lack of conviction in the U.S. markets in “On The Markets” on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Water now?

What does this mean when we have a vix that makes it look like everything is so complacent?

Class there's not a lot of conviction in the market.

We had kind of short trading weeks that we've had our first full week but all eyes are on tomorrow morning and the unemployment report.

We really kicked off the earnings cycle.

I think you're going to see maybe a change in the expectations moving forward.

You expect volatility to rise then?

Is it a good idea to buy a little right now when we are at these low levels?

As far as the action we saw today in the vicks, even though the market was benign, we saw some pretty heavy buying of february calls and at the end of the day, a big buyer of january 16 calls.

There is some repositioning but there are some people who believe that maybe we will get a shift in volatility expectations.

What are you hearing as far as whispers on the earnings season coming up.

You are looking right at that $200,000 level so if it is outside of those -- that 200,000 level.

It is very low and i think this is also keeping the fix under pressure as well so we're running around seven percent right now.

You expect that to pick up.

It seems it would be cheap to get in.

You are seeing a fair amount of call buying.

Insurance really, some negative correlated insurance in the market.

It's pretty cheap at these levels.

Down, thanks for joining us.

Dan deming.

I want to quickly mention a

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