Wal-Mart Trims Profit Forecast on Uneven Economy

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Nov. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Wal-Mart cut its annual profit forecast for the second time this year as the uneven economic recovery and increased competition from dollar stores hurt sales. Deirdre Bolton reports on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

What did she tell you about what happened?

Not surprisingly walmart may see it differently than you or died.

I will attack the fourth quarter numbers.

-- not surprisingly walmart may see it differently than you or i. if you focus on the fourth quarter there was a range between 160-170, and saying they will be at the lower end of that and talked about closing underperforming stores in brazil and china come ending the joint venture in india.

All of these closings added up to 10 cents per share.

Saying basically they are focusing on continuing operations versus non-continuing operations and that explains the discrepancy, at least for the fourth quarter.

I asked why we you reduce exposure and brazil and india.

As walmart tells it, basically cutting the underperforming assets and looking to grow areas where they think they can be more efficient.

That is the outlook as far as china goes.

As far as brazil, i just asked the world -- the same question because the world cup and olympics are coming up.

The executive saying we are well-positioned in brazil and well-positioned for those events.

We have stores there and will not be heard there.

What about the holiday season?

So important for walmart.

It certainly is.

Important for all retailers across the board.

Walmart opening earlier this year than they normally would.

Opening at 6:00 ursus midnight.

-- versus midnight.

The company said it will have the highest inventory ever.

We talked about the empty shelves that were such a problem in the past.

Overall walmart feels pretty good about the holiday season.

Do not forget, food is such a big part of what walmart sells.

A lot of people that go there to shop for thanksgiving dinners and say we feel pretty well- positioned.

Thank you.

Deirdre bolton on the walmart

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