Wal-Mart: Save More, Live Better...and Profit?

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Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- In today's Triple Threat, Bloomberg's Deirdre Bolton, Cowen & Co.'s Faye Landes and Trading Advantage's Scott Bauer discuss the outlook for Wal-Mart. They speak with Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

What tops analysts wish lists?

Analysts weighing in on what they expect for same-store sales, unchanged sales are unchanged to half a percent higher.

We had comparison points of hurricane sandy last year, so all the supplies were purchased last year.

A pretty healthy majority.

How little he did not happen because of the hurricane.

This year, you had no hurricane but halloween did happen.

We will see how it translates to the bottom line.

Traffic may have been hurt by the government shutdown affecting confidence overall.

But food stamp cuts, food is a big driver, so all of this is what is going into the formula.

Holiday sales will have some sort of comment in the early release or conference call.

Any sense of what they may say?

Walmart is going to be open earlier on thanksgiving, 6 p.m. versus the regular midnight opener the holiday season.

One interesting thing to note is if you go and you look for some toys online you will notice amazon, good that amazon sells from its own in the tory is at least 20% cheaper than what walmart is offering.

You know and i know if it is easier and cheaper to do it online, it means amazon is going to get a little more of that toy spending for the holiday season.

You just saw how the prices compare compared to target.

That is absolutely brutal.

How does walmart try to deal with it?

I think walmart's rices are very dynamic.

Walmart can change their prices in the next minute if it sees fit.

One of the big changes at walmart is they have always been very aggressive at pricing but they have become dramatically more analytical.

A lot of eta, testing and knowledge and they have had a lot of information but now they are analyzing it in very fruitful ways.

I don't think any price we see at walmart today is necessarily the price tomorrow.

Analysts like you, the prices being forecast is half of what has been, yet you are paying 13 times.

What is your view on the stock s chu mark rex i don't think the stock is that attractive.

I don't think it's a good source of funds, but growth is very tough for them.

In the u.s., it's tough for money factors, not the least of which is the exposure to the lower end consumer.

Those consumers are pressed in all sorts of ways we know about, including food stamps.

Overseas, there's a lot of issues that, almost all the overseas markets have faced challenges.

Despite the fact of execution, it's tougher for them to eat got growth.

Scott hour, you have dirty seconds.

Sounds like a downside trade here.

A tough one for a company that sells cupcakes, tires and tvs.

I want to take advantage of the near-term low and sell the november call and by two months out, the january call.

There could be good aspects going into the first quarter next year.

I can do that and collect about $.10 to do that.

Only three more trading days and that stock stays below 80. this is a free-trade for the upside from here on out three deirdre bolton saying watch out.

It is going to be tricky for the

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