Wal-Mart Looks to Shake Winter With Sales Push

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March 21 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “The Roundup,” Julie Hyman, Matt Miller, Trish Regan and Jeffrey Hayzlett wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Blame it on the weather or try to take advantage of it.

Walmart is having a weeklong sale of the 260% off outdoor items like lawnmowers and bags of mulch.

They're looking to restore patios and gardens battered by the severe winter weather.

They do not usually discount merchandise or early embassies and although we have seen home depot and lowe's do this type of thing.

This is not clearance stuff.

This is new stuff they are bringing in that they are trying to get people excited about.

People in the stores will buy other stuff and give them a boost after this hard, long winter.

The bad news is you have to pay to store this stuff.

It depends on where you are.

In south dakota we still have snow.

In south dakota, you have a garage.

We have a couple walmarts.

I want to point that out.

This is still sending the wrong message.

We need to get people in but what's the deal?

I just don't get it.

I think it's a bad move all the way around.

At some point, we are going to get to where it's 80% off for free.

Just come in and we will give you money to walk out.

I just want to be a little controversial here.

You know i am very pro-free-market capitalism, global economy -- usually.

Someone was making the point to me that we are in an environment where everything is so cheap.

You can go out and buy jeans at walmart for six dollars.

You can buy 100 of them and fill your closet worth of genes for six dollars apiece.

Maybe that's not a good and?

Maybe that's one of the reasons why we are losing job after job and the economy is struggling along.

Think about the six-year-old making those genes in mexico going blind.

You are exactly right, trish.

It's a bad cycle for retailers to be in.

You just wait until it's 50% off.

If you are going to do it on all the items though?

I know the first day of spring was yesterday.

There's apparel and then there is walmart.

I agree when you are talking about apparel retailers but i don't agree when it comes to walmart because their whole brand is price.

Of course they're going to offer and their customers are suffering more than anyone else's. they are always trying to be competitive in their offerings.

Is the biggest freaking business in the world.

It's big.

They are huge.

It's a cyclical thing, right.

Those products are cheap and that's great for consumers at walmart because they don't have a lot of money this band.

The cheaper you can make it the better.

One reason they don't have a lot of money to spend is because they are so cheap to begin with.

Are we really talking still about a sale at walmart?

It's beyond that.

What's the big deal?

They need to provide more of those go carts they have.

Twitter was blocked in turkey as the prime minister carries out a promise to shut down targeting government corruption.

People are talking about it on twitter where he is getting busted and they shut down the entire service.

They have used twitter to upload documents and audio files linked to the prime minister.

They have captured the attention of the 74 million citizens.

If you're prime minister is doing illegal things and people are tweeting about it, it's unfortunate.

They came out against the ban because the turkish president is in the opposition party.

The prime minister is going to get busted down shuts down twitter.

The turkish president in the opposition tweets about it.

It was sort of a laughingstock.

People came with workarounds.

As long as you don't try to go tweet on the internet, your pc.

You could go to facebook, linkedin.

E-mail, facebook, any other place you could go just to get the word out.


They could have done it at 50% off.

In 2012 turkey jailed more journalist according to the committee to protect journalists.

They obviously have some history of trying to shut down opposition voices.

What about russia?

And now we are on russia.

We all know the list of government officials being sanctioned by russian president vladimir putin.

One senator took his response -- you could say this is a hilarious level.

A senator went on twitter and posted the top 10 things he will miss most about russia since he can't go there anymore.

He has been banned.

He will not be able to complete his granddaughters russian doll collection.

He will not be able to ski on the slushy slopes of sochi.

Worst of all, he has to cancel his tennis match with maria sharp ova.

-- maria sharpova.

I'm so impressed that he came up with this idea.

We don't know if he came up with it.

Maybe he has a really smart staff.

That's true.

Someone came up with this idea and i like it.

Maybe he called up letterman and asked him to do it.

My favorite is that he will not be able to see if borscht tastes like pork tenderloin.

Maybe he will do well with all of the russian citizens or russian americans in his state am all three of them probably.

It was a really good moodve.

A point that a big difference between us and them and what they are doing.

We should go on.

Speaking of twitter and text.

It's definitely -- mark zuckerberg in the news today.

Elon musk, ashton kutcher, according to "the wall street journal" investing in secret artificial intelligence company vicarious that replicates the part of the brain that sees and understands language, controls the body, and does math.

It's a person am alike the movie "her" starring one of the hottest people in the world but you never saw her.

A fixedacebook spokesperson says zuckerberg's investment is a personal one.

This could be really good news for someone like you who has a special relationship with their car.

Tesla is looking at it.



That's good.

David hasselhoff.

The really cool part of the story is these companies are going after these goober celebrities -- uber celebrities.

That is what they're trying to do.

They're trying to nab one or two of the so they get some free media.

That's a big part of this tragedy for a lot of the start of him pennies.

There are people who are scientists who are sort of trying to invent thinking, feeling, reinventing the brain.

What's with that other 1 -- "the stepford wives?" the wives that had their brains are placed by robotic computers.

Klick suggest brains in jars and i worry about them.

It would be so lonely.

[laughter] -- it would be so lonely.

We are going to go see "divergent." we are not 16-year-old girls but lions gate is trying to replicate the success of twilight and the honkers game.

They produced almost $5 billion in global ticket sales in its opening in about 3800 locations in the u.s. and canada.

It has shailene woodley as its star where they're classified by virtues.

This is down from the prior forecast.

I already think it's going to make money.

We talk about how the hunger games and now you have another girl that is the star of this series.

We've done some reporting on the fact that a lot of women in hollywood are just not earning anything close to let their male counterparts do and perhaps one of the reason for that evening the success of the action movie.

When you see the success of these series, it makes you think that there might be some more capitalization in the future.

I read an interesting piece today that talked about how the women action movies or women in the niche market that hollywood wants to get to, it is the majority of the u.s. population so i'm not quite sure how it is considered niche but if these are successful and twilight has been so successful and the hunger games, you will see more but kicking girls.

Which is awesome.

Women are the cfos in most cases of their families.

They're the ones who control the purse strings.

They do the household budgets.

They're the ones out there spending.

Of course hollywood should be trying to go after them.

I know my wife is actually reading the book right now so i know it's going to be big.

She likes this kind of stuff.

Tell her we said hi.

I guess i'm going to have to take her.

She can come with us.

Do we have to fly somewhere else?

We have netflix?

We're going to miss him.

He's from ohio.

He has no right to fame.

Are you sticking with us, jeff?

I'm here.

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