Wal-Mart Cutting Orders on Unsold Merchandise

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Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Wal-Mart is cutting orders it places with suppliers this quarter and next to address rising inventories the company flagged in last month’s earnings report. Julie Hyman reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)


We have news on walmart, cutting orders from suppliers this quarter and next.

That is because the company has been a sprinting rising inventory, sales are not keeping pace with those inventories, and the ordering that the company has been doing.

Walmart executives have talked about this in recent earnings call that basically the inventory and sales are not at levels they would like.

This essentially is confirmation that they are indeed c utting orders from suppliers.

Last week, a manager at the arkansas headquarters described the pullback in an e-mail, and e-mail that bloomberg news renee dudley had obtained.

We're looking at reducing inventories for the third quarter and the fourth quarter.

This is an e-mail from september 17. again, this ongoing problem.

To sort of described the impact of this, the company has 525 suppliers according to bloomberg data.

We are going to go in and get more detail on who exactly those suppliers are and who are the largest that might be affected by this.

Of course, it is also a read on what is going on out there in the economy.


All right, julie hyman, thank you so much for bringing up that update on walmart.

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