Waiting for the Fed Before Betting on Housing

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Sept. 10 (Bloomberg) -- J.P. Morgan Funds Anastasia Amoroso discusses Federal Reserve monetary policy, housing and her investment ideas with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Not on the upside in the past six days.

Larry levin, president of trading advantage.

Her call is even though the housing recovery seems real, her bet is to wait for an announcement before you bet on them.

Great to see you this morning.

We've seen yields move up quite substantially.

That continues to be the trend.

If there is a september paper, we could see more upside to that.

Not surprisingly that would hit the spot -- the housing stocks.

Some of the yield proxies'. they are impacted because new- home sales and pending home sales have been slowing down.

Take out if we do not get the september paper, there will still be questions about that, what will move to october, november.

Are you going to say in the five lines?

-- sidelines?

If the fed does prolong the fed paper program, manages to really keep a lid on how high, how fast, i think there may be a bit of a bid to the home builders.

This we've seen that occurred yesterday.

Couple of areas you are bullish on.

Banks is one of them.

Particularly after the news from bank of america.

And activity really fallen off the past couple of months.

Wells fargo, j.p. morning -- j.p. morgan warning that drop in demand could be steeper than anticipated.

To go to the refined its is where you?

I think it's a natural course?

-- do the refi's worry you?

We want to see mortgage applications going up here yet we want to see mortgage origination going up.

We're seeing both of those things happened.

It is interesting that in august, three about five weeks were actually up as far as mortgage applications.

Take a wells fargo said mortgage originations went down about 30%. i think everything should be taken in perspective.

We receive they are of something like 30 percent or more, which is quite significant.

An area you are also quite bullish on is emerging markets.

Do we hyman, you have been the emerging market person these days.

Looking at data out of china.

A lot of folks quite negative on the emerging markets.

Data out of china not only giving hope to the china bowls, but fuel to the stock rally.

Industrial production rising about 10.4% in august, better than estimated.

We sell abroad manager of credit almost doubling in august from july.

Retail sales up 13.4%. that sent the shanghai composite to about a three-month high.

Of the past few years, we've seen big declines.

Bumping off of the bottom as it does start to improve.

Is this the bottom here in china?

I think we have to be clear about something when it comes to emerging-market.

We have to be really careful with the time horizon.

The first one is are they investing for the short-term cap and trade for the long haul.

In the medium-term, investors should focus.

I will say absolutely the data we got today in the data from its rigid boots on the ground suggest there is a near-term activity picked up in china?

That is a positive for the

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