VMware, Google to Make Cloud-Connected Chromebooks

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Feb. 12 (Bloomberg) -- VMware's Sanjay Poonen and Google's Ceasar Sengupta discuss the partnership between the two companies to create cloud-connected Chromebooks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

This is awesome.

We are going to revolutionize to brands, bringing chrome to desktop.

People are trying to get them on computing devices and with the power of virtualization, we're are able to bring that powerful technology and blast that into google chrome books.

How much software is made for chrome books?

Fax there is a lot of stuff.

If you think about the whole web, it runs on chrome books.

Not just consumer applications but vmware blast and other stuff.

Everything is designed for chrome books.

As long as it works on the web, it will work on chrome books.

Google is running out there with a flag saying you could learn microsoft from books.

I'm a big xl deke.

We care about all of our users.

While there is a huge trend of people moving to the cloud and embracing chrome books as a platform choice, we know they have legacy applications they want to bring to this all stop they can sort of have the cloud and go seamlessly into this new world.

You have customers with windows xp -- before it expires in a couple of months -- the way in which you want to handle many of these old applications, you go to our larger customers and may have a lot of these -- they're not going to mobilize tomorrow.

We think there will be a number of these apps that will be the new generation of apps.

To provide a lifeline to these old apps, this is great.

It is the bridge to the future.

Because the desktop support will no longer be there for microsoft, rather than upgrade, you think they will run fewer versions and let users use it on the web with those apps?

This is a way by which, getting in that environment -- certain industries and verticals, this is becoming really big.

Just look at retail, for example.

Different stores all over, you have back offices and want to put in computers there.

Now you have to figure out how to manage those computers and take care of them.

You don't have an i.t. department sitting around you.

Like a combination of chrome books and you're set up on vmware is fantastic.

You can manage it from one place.

You don't have to worry about the security across these platforms.

You can just use them from the cloud and have them delivered to these devices.

Can you quantify what impact this will have on chrome book sales?

I don't know about specifically on the form of sales, but the impact this has on his this is is really quantified.

A study found it's not just the cost of hardware, that once companies move to chrome books in this kind of infrastructure, you could save up to $5,000 over the life of a single pc user.

And they tend to be so much cheaper than the notebook.

A number of different education places, countries across the world putting these devices in the hands of kids where you don't have all the desire to put all the applications into place.

This will be a big and a fit.

Last year, one in four laptop -- laptops sold was a chrome book.

Countries like malaysia were giving them to every school.

You can only do that when you have a platform that is studied to manage.

The tablet has also crept in as a computing device of choice.

I think it depends on the case.

If you think about a grade to doing math, but if you have a jogger fee assignment or write an essay, you want a keyboard.

In the case of a tablet, google has a great story.

We just is covered this and we want to stretch and cover desktops and mobile.

Always good to see you.

Thank you, cory.

I want to get back to the news

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