Vladimir Putin's Olympic Gamble

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Jan. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Former Advisor to the UK Ministry of Defense Michael Kay discusses security precautions at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)


Today they pick in security sweeps in an effort to choke off new terrorist threats in the region.

A few days ago there was a video released threatening the winter games.

Former adviser to the uk's ministry of good to see you again.

What are we to make of this?

Thousands of troops and police are being deployed.

A lot of that not far from sochi.

What do we make of this deployment?

There are a lot of things.

The first is i think sochi has always been a risk-on location.

The area, the north quarters has been plagued by islamic extremism for the past 20 years.

Q's so they knew this before the games were even announced?


5000 russian soldiers were killed.

To put that in perspective, and a decade of fighting, you have 2000 300 troops.

This area has been plagued.

And also by the connection to syria.

There has been a declaration.

The area is now a caucasian emirate.

For me, there will always be security problems.

Not a surprise.

Fax you think about the entire reputation, the lives and safety, all of these people come of the reputation.

Has not helped himself.

He has seen the domestic holidays he has made recently in terms of the anti-gay policy and everything else.

This problem is not a russian or putin problem.

Let's rewind back.

The u.k. had to mobilize 13,000 troops into london.

It is the biggest mobilization of security militarization since world war ii.

There was an aircraft carrier to point.

This is the new world order.

We live in a world where there is global terrorism, jihadist.

We are in a decision to know they are not doing what they should be doing.

There are two key threats.

The first one is improvised explosive device him a which has been plaguing forces in afghanistan.

The second is a suicide bomber.

Tanks, warships and fast jets are not encountered to this insurgent threat.

He had the same unit, atlanta, even the most secure venue, you have the rest.

Is there anything specifically we know that they are not doing that they should be doing?

They have not changed any of the security procedures.

They said we are covered and have this well underway.

They have not made drastic changes to the plans.

It is a great question.

I think it is hard to get an answer to.

They have a ring of steel around the sochi olympic.

When it comes to a threat of a black widow, a woman with a blemish wearing a burqa is probably one of the most difficult things to defend against for any country.

Anti-terrorism efforts, how do they impact economies in terms of dollars spent?

Another great question.

I think for me the real question is if you look at america who spent 700 million on defense, the problem is the timeline.

The nature of the contemporary threat is changing so drastically.

Fiscal policy not keeping up with the market.

Fiscal policy could not heat up with the changing nature of the threat.

When it comes to the technology required to discover ied's hidden under the rocks, technology required to ascertain whether someone has a suicide vest strapped to them, it is incredibly hard to do.

The timelines take years.

I do not think it is a problem that is necessarily associated with putin.

If you were planning to go to russia and attend, would it affect your decision?

No, it would not.

I think these were being asked in the lead up to the london olympics.

I think people were quite relieved when london passed without any terrorist activity happening.

It certainly would not affect my decision of the wing.

The biggest counter to these types of threats are the public, keeping an eye open.

If you see something, say something.

It is the biggest assistance to the authorities.

Mikey k joining us to talk about the associate games.

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