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April 16 (Bloomberg) -- Joe Kletz, creative director at Figure Digital, explains the potential impact of virtual reality hardware and how it can be adapted for retail business on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Basically -- this is an oculus headset.

It allows you to basically walk around a tesco store.

In all seriousness, is this something we should look forward to.

Is this something tesco is taking seriously?

Let's go it is something you have to take seriously.

It is hitting the consumer market at the end of this year and next year.

At the moment it is available for developers.

As soon as you have experimented with oculus a few times, there is no going back to the previous forms of media.

Going back to the sort of ratio of a tv screen or tablet once you have gone into a virtual landscape.

It looks great on guy johnson.

It is a lot lighter than i thought.

It is great quality, it does not make me feel that sick.

In terms of nausea or stuff like that.

How can you use this?

Is it for the back office or for people who work at the warehouses so they can scan and identify products?

Its applications are just -- people are just starting to tap into them.

They can be entertained or utilitarian.

The entertainment sector obviously has the history of games.

We are creating 360 degree cameras that can record movies where you can enter the environment.

They are fantastic, the things we are doing.

What needs to happen to make this -- you put this on and the experience is very good.

When do we get to hd?

When does the technology actually start to provide you with a similar experience to the one you have walking around the store?

Let's go very soon.

They are shipping new units now.

You are going to look cool.

Of course.

What i will love is to pick up the products.

I am in the tesco store.

I see my islands, but then i went to pick up a product.

I have a carton of milk.

I went to pick it up and see whether i can buy it.

Is that next?

This is the version we brought to the studio but they are working on technology to track your arms and body movement so you can pick up items and look around.

For the retail industries, that is fantastic.

We have been looking at screens and buying products off of that.

You have -- when you where the oculus, this is the inside of the tesco store.

That is high resolution.

You are saying this will be the new product we will be seeing.

Something we can maybe become a little bit more tangible and pick products up.

That works in a supermarket.

The u.k.'s leader when it comes to online retail.

Are we going to be seeing more companies doing this?

Is this something clothing manufacturers would be interested in?

Is this something we will see across the high street?

People have to get the idea out of their heads that it is a trend.

It is the future.

The way you can interact in a retail space, it is going to revolutionize things.

To be able to pick up a product and look around it, gives you functions we do not have at the moment.

We talk about stuff -- this will be used not only for retail.

Retail is the most obvious.

We also talk about going to visit your gp.

You could interact with a virtual gp and feel you are in the room.

Much more intimate to talk about your problems you are experiencing.

Where is the limit of this question mark there is no limit at the moment.

It is only the technology.

This is the first wave.

Already the resolution has doubled.

You can only expect to see that increase until it is a completely realistic environment.

You have got your head around why facebook bought this question mark oscar yes -- you have got your head around why facebook bought this?


At the moment, everyone is buying social media online.

Over the next five years, everyone is going to grapple for the virtual space.

Facebook can make that transition seamlessly.

Facebook has reached nearly maximum saturation online on a 2-d format.

Now they can expect more time from their customers.

Almost everyone is on facebook.

With virtual reality you will spend more time in the virtual world.

I loved it.

I'm a little bit concerned about my interaction.

You go into a room and meet people.

Car companies would be concerned about this.

You are not going to drive to meet your friends, you can meet them via this.

This is around $300? around 300. this will enable people who cannot socially interact, this will enable them a second life.

You can become your avatar and free up your identity to become who you really want to be.

That is where everyone is equal and your imagination is the limit of what you can achieve.

Co i don't really know how to follow up on that.

[laughter] avatars are not something we expected.

The virtual francine lacqua.

We had google glass on yesterday, $1500, that is expensive.

This is $300. in terms of what are going to be the limiting factors -- is software causing the problem?

Is it the ability to write code or create a virtual world?

Film, etc.

3-d cameras you're talking about.

Or is it the hardware?

There is no problem at the moment.

Oculus has been quick into market.

It has been able to get out to everyone.

Google glass is very a close and others weigh costs so much.

No one has access to the technology.

-- google glass is very exclusive and that is why it costs so much.

No one has access to the technology.

In the future, you can see them merge into the same form.

One looks better.

This is just a prototype, you can expect some headsets.

We are working with interesting things in the fashion industry.

I am back in the tesco store.

It is where i like to hang out.

You look great.

Joe, thank you for a conversation.

Creative director at figure digital.

Brand building, burlesque style.

We talked to dita von teese about her new pursuit.

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