`Shark Punch' Shows Off Oculus Potential

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March 26 (Bloomberg) -- William "Whurley" Hurley, chief innovation officer at Chaotic Moon Studios, discusses Facebook's agreement to buy Oculus for $2 billion with Carol Massar and Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)


Can you tell us what the headset does?


I brought one with me.

It is modified.

It is a headset.

You can wear this and immerse in a virtual reality that can either be for gaming or shopping, perhaps an educational tool, or even virtual travel.

Tell me why you wanted to be doing apps for this.

That is a great question.

We do a lot of the apps on your mobile phone and in car systems.

This was a natural progression for us.

Then has been a long-term visionary in the immersive learning set.

We wanted to see how you can change education through this tool.

That led to a number of things.

How many applications do you think?

Virtual reality is an unproven technology at this point.

It is a market we don't quite know how big it is.

What do you think the potential is?

The potential is boundless.

I came out of apple rmb -- apple rmb.

There has been a long built on the promise of it and then things being delivered.

If are using a oculus, it is not a great way to interact.

In our version we have added a motion center.

I can see my hands and interact with the environment.

There are ways to go in some of these technologies.

The applications are endless.

You have a game that my producers happen talking about.

Shark punch.

This is one of the apps.

It came out of sxsw.

We started demonstrating the learning system.

They had a great system where you build atoms.

It was popular.

Everyone wanted to do something where you could fill -- were you could play around.

They came up with this game called shark punch.

We immersed you in an underwater environment where you have various sharks that try to attack you.

You defend yourself.

It was a huge hit.

It overshadowed some of the other things.

It shows the potential for the interactive gaming.

That is not something you do with the oculus alone.

This particular unit has oculus andy lee.

You have to have to interact with the environment.

There is a number of things you could have done.

It is jon erlichman.

Given the entertainment that comes from all of this virtual reality technology, could we have hypothetically have seen a big media company going make this deal?

Does it makes more sense for a player like facebook to be acquiring this technology and trying to pave the road?

That is a great question.

We follow all technology.

I think this is a great move for them.

They beat the media companies to the punch.

It would have made sense for a number of companies apple to same song to sony to acquire this technology.

It has great developer options.

It delivers on a lot of promises . it has done -- it is at a great

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