Virgin Australia Flight Safe After Forced Landing

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April 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Zeb Eckert reports that a Virgin Australia Flight is safe on the ground in Bali after the flight was cut short due to an unruly passenger on Bloomberg Television’s “On the Move.”

Incident of the version australia flight from brisbane.

They're saying it was not a hijack at all.

Here is what a spokesman for virgin australia tells us.

This was virgin australia flight 41 from brisbane to the main international airport in bali.

All passengers are safe on the ground.

What we do know is that an unruly passenger caused a disturbance on the flight.

Virgin is not saying exactly what happened, however, indonesian police speaking with metro tv in indonesia have said that a drunk passenger tried to force his or her way into the it.

The passenger has been arrested by indonesian police.

Passengers and crew were detained on the grounds.

The virgin airport -- the virgin airplane manager says the plane was not hijacked as was originally reported by metro television in indonesia.

It looks like all's well that ends well harry at certainly, a

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