Viral Advertising is Not Always Free: Robertson

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Jan. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Kate Robertson, Chairman of Havas UK, discuses Super Bowl commercials and the impact of a viral advertising. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Does that not necessarily mean -- it's translate into publicity and sales?

So much of advertising is about awareness.

The thin clients love is word-of-mouth.

Word-of-mouth is now word of text.

I think, to say whether it is successful or not, most times we take awareness.

If it is negative awareness, it is different.

What you do not control anymore is whether a thing goes viral or not.

You have got to hope that the content is good enough and positive enough.

When it goes viral.

It is often things that are negative at the viral.

A bad place.

The funny things.

Negative, poisonous, dreadful, that will go viral.

Super positive does not go viral so easy.

Will david beckham go viral?

Do they need to?

Hey, from my point of view, david beckham -- he is the best sports marketing product in the world.

There is not anything better.

Cover, uncover, who cares?

It is david beckham, i am happy.

Scarlett johansson makes a point at the end of the sodastream ad, how do i get this to go viral?

When customers sit down with you , what is the objective they are going for?

This is the thing, it is high on the list of objectives.

High awareness, we want people to see.

We want it to be ubiquitous.

Then viewership -- this is why super bowl is a big thing.

Viewership last year, 108 million -- 180 hits in -- one180 million hits in one go.

If you got hit buy justin bieber, more hits.

A lot of marketers would love to go viral, you're not paying for that.

You are 49 million from justin bieber, you did not pay for that.

That is the magic of viral.

We used to say -- before social media -- clients would want word-of-mouth.

My view is word-of-mouth is not free.

Kicking off good viral or the kind of viral you really want, not always free.

I think the interesting thing with scarlett johansson is much more the other two brands involved.

That is a really big debate.

Do we really think coke and pepsi wanted that ad pulled?

I would suggest not.

I cannot imagine coke watching that -- this is the ideal scenario.

It makes it go more viral.

It has got to be good for sodastream, it is a perfect scenario.

They did not have to pay the money for the super bowl, that has got to be good.

It has not gone back viral.

This morning, about an hour ago, 4.4 million.

The super bowl, 100 million.

It has to be bad for coke and pepsi, the story is negative for them.

Is there a view that they told fox to pull it?

I am not asking you to speculate, you are saying it is negative.

I cannot get it, i try to look at everything i knew was coming on.

Everything i could see it looks like stocks took a unilateral decision.

I cannot believe coke would allow that.

We are speculating, we have no basis.

As a marketer, you have to say is that a good thing for coke and pepsi that the ad that pulled?

It is not a good thing that all, it is harmful.

It makes them look as though they are scared of sodastream.

I don't really think so.

I suppose the negative thing on the sodastream thing is that -- sodastream is kind of good for you and sugar-free.

We think the great american super bowl viewership didn't know that already?

They know that.

Anyway, scarlett johansson's story is actually fascinating.

I have got a real problem with the attitude, god bless you all, of mainstream media that pulls that kind of content.

There was nothing wrong with that, nothing harmful to anybody.

In our defense, sometimes it is regulators.

Different story.

Thank you.

I am just sticking up for ourselves.

Koegel president of -- co global president of havas worldwide.

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