Mallya May Face Board Ouster as `Wilful Defaulter’

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Aug. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Sunanda Jayaseelan reports that Vijay Mallya, chairman at United Breweries and United Spirits, may be forced from the board of both companies if he is found to be a “willing defaulter” after failing to pay various vendors. She speaks on “Asia Edge.”

Some companies.

He may be a willful defaulter.

Where are we with this and a very good day to you.

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[indiscernible] when mallya controlled an airliner tgub -- thinking it was going to a restructuring plan.

Struggling with profits.

To attract funds.

[indiscernible] various vendors.

[indiscernible] many months after he started proceeding against in mumbai and the fisher brand itself.

He was on 3 banks.

Have decided to slap a willful default or.

It will restrict mallya.

Leaving them open to criminal proceedings.

It is the fact he may have to exit companies where he is a director at a willful defaultor.


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