Gore: I Tried to Buy Twitter, Still Very Bullish

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Oct. 17 (Bloomberg) -- In an exclusive interview on Bloomberg Television, former Vice President Al Gore tells Pimm Fox he tried to buy the social network. (Source: Bloomberg)

In 2000 nine, cofounders at williams and the stone were regularly turning out -- turning down offers.

Among those making an offer, former vice president al gore, who pitched the idea of combining twitter with current tv.

In an exclusive interview, pimm fox sat down with the former vice president and asked him about his offer to buy twitter.

You are right that my partner joel hyatt and i, when i was with current tv, which we founded and tried to buy twitter, they built that business into a fantastic success.

I am very illusion on twitter.

It has become a global utility.

It is a great business.

Al gore also served as a member of apple's ward, and pimm fox asked him about his impression of the company today.

Apple is just a joy to be apart of.

My fellow board members are just fantastic.

I love serving with them.

Tim cook is a fantastic ceo.

Can you imagine trying to follow steve jobs?

Tim has done it and he has done it in his own unique way.

Pimm fox also asked al gore about the recent sitdown between

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