Vestberg Said to Say He Has No Plans to Leave

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Jan. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Ericsson CEO Hans Vestberg told directors today he has no plans to step down following reports that he is among candidates to succeed Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer, according to a person familiar with the matter. Emily Chang reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West."(Source: Bloomberg)

Not going to take a job at microsoft.

We have reported that he was on the short list.

Knee is officially said that he told the board of directors that he has no plans to step down following these reports.

Who is going to take this job, cory?

Let's take you on here.

Not a lot of people seem to want this job.

A lot of people wanted the job and one thing we might expect is if a ceo announces he is not taking the job, it might be because he is not getting the job.

We will start to see some candidates in the running pulling themselves out.

I suspect that there are a lot of people that would like to take this job.

When we hear these names, you can see the kind of businesses that microsoft might be focusing on.

They are thinking maybe about telecom, mobile phones, and that being the future.

I think that we can tell what the board is thinking based on what they are thinking of.

Does anyone at microsoft that action must to have this job want to take the job?

Alan mulally says he is not taking the job.

We don't know what is happening in the boardroom room, in these negotiations.

The ceo search is taking longer than they said it would.

I wanted to have someone in place by the end of last year.

They have until june.

What they said very topically as we are going to take a year at a certain point we are hearing privately that they thought they would be done by the end of the year and we find out later that the guy running the search said no, it is going to go on into the next year.

Publicly, they have always said a year.

Privately they hinted at something else.

We can assume anyone who is senior career has been gunning for bigger and bigger jobs.

They imagine that there could be a ceo wants.

They are overseeing the cloud business at microsoft than i think that that is an important person who is one of the most likely people to get the job.

There are other names that we have not heard yet that are still under consideration.

Who are the top candidates?

Does it all go back to internal candidates?

That is the most likely option because the culture of microsoft is one where there is so much history there of intra- division battles.

People at the company fighting against others in the company.

It also has a lot of supersmart people.

The company is trying to hire people who are smart and challenge each other.

I think they are knowing who's who at that place would be a great advantage.

We spoke to bill gates he was still chairman of the board.

He is still in the board room.

Ballmer is in the board room as well.

Two people not want to do with that challenge?

That is certainly an impediment.

A lot of moves that they made as they have gone towards the transition has really tied the

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