Very Optimistic for Yacht Market in 2014: McIntyre

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Jan. 06 (Bloomberg) -- Stewart McIntyre, Managing Director at Sunseeker International, joins us from the London International Boat Show to discuss trends to watch in Europe’s yacht market and Sunseeker’s latest models catering to different clientele. He appears on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)


[laughter] all the bookmakers up and tell me that they are cautiously optimistic about 2014. basically, everything up to now, since the financial crisis has been pretty ugly, yeah?

It has been challenging, but think the world is being cautious.

I think the violence of these two words are important.

We are optimistic about what is happening in 2014. what is taken some very strong forward orders to 2015. we are looking good.

Gretzky may example of the financials.

We are still working on our financial u.n.. our revenues will be challenged, as most of -- as most of our neighbors are.

We made huge investment here in the new product and new product development.

What we see is the outcome of that.

That invested in texas forward to 20 14 and beyond.

It looks like lecture in the sense that the high-end, your hundred 25 footer, those always do well, but the smaller of forger more affordable boats -- we produce in excess of 20 boats a year of over 92 feet.

Most of the higher-end sizing is repeat customers who have had many sun seekers before and use them for a variety of different purposes, either for personal use or charter.

Energy of a chinese client since last year.

How big a market can china be?

China can be as big as it wants to be.

When we talk about china, we would be -- we have a 10 year relationship with china.

The market, potentially, i think opposed to scale, america has 16 million votes.

Europe has over 12 million.

China has a long way to go before it hits the dizzy heights of the free markets.

What does china want as opposed to buyers elsewhere for stocks.

China has [inaudible] to see them in situ in china is fantastic.

It is fantastic to see the menus.

There are many strong uses a boats there.

Let's check out the saloon here.

What is the saloon here?

When does it tell you about how boats are changing?

This is ultimate luxury.

This boat is being used for -- it has all the functions you could expect for a private family house.

He said open space for seating and you also see luxury dining with an enclosed galley.

You can drive yourself very if you're fairly emphasis and you have some experience, you could drive it.

Our charters guided by rules and regulations.

We would definitely not "wing it." this is not our biggest boat.

The biggest boat at the show as a hundred 72 footer.

You're going to build even bigger one.

We have a hundred 75 foot boat -- we have a 175 foot load.

What is the biggest challenge of all?

Keep going.

Is a rule they should never spend more than 10% of your disposable income on a depreciating asset like a boat what you make of that?

There are lots of rules.

Some rules are meant to be broken.

Generally speaking, you should be a pretty wealthy individual.

It will cost a few million quit to run every year.

He and i going to talk about my discount for this boat just now.

Then, ryan, you just need this to-3 million just to get running.

You should never own a boat.

As the job market suggests.

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