Verizon Bond Offering Overwhelming: Patricof

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Sept. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Alan Patriciof, founder and managing director at Greycroft Partners, examines the record bond offering from Verizon as the company tops the previous high of $17 billion from Apple four months ago and the IPO market in the tech industry. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

-- greg roth, alan patricof -- greycroft, alan patricof , what does this say about rise in raising this kind of funds?

It is -- about verizon raising this kind of funding?

Someone must have just sized the market up beforehand.

If it is not in the bond textbook, if it is not in cain and markets, there is something original here.

May i suggest a distortion of central bank policy?

Chairman bernanke brought the rates down to heal the economy then this is the incentive taken of those of low rates.

Is this about ben bernanke?

I think it is about supply and demand in saying that people are looking for yields and they thought that this was the appropriate pricing.

Investment bankers pretty much know what is happening in the market.

Should we presume higher interest rates?

Certainly, because this is a strong message.

Does that mean that the window is closing also for technology ipo's like twitter?

Just the opposite.

I think that the ipo market, for the first time i have been a bear on the ipo market for companies in my area to the public for the last couple of years.

I think that that is shifting out and the market is opening to take the company's. this is what you are excited about?

Why does this interests you?

It was and inquisitions with millennium going public, rocket fuel coming up to see excited it -- seem excited about that with very strong numbers.

You and me, going public, i think it is going to change a lot of the dynamic now.

A lot of these companies are going to buy some of the smaller companies and you will see a lot of activity there.

Is there a bubble?

This is the first window that has been open in the last four or five years, so i think people are coming in through the window.

I wondered -- lots of companies.

What about all of the trouble there on the nasdaq yak -- nasdaq?

I think that the nasdaq will be an important place for young companies.

It is symbolic.

Alan patricof with us, we

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