Valeant Teams With Bill Ackman to Buy Allergan

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April 23 (Bloomberg) -- Valeant offered to buy Allergan for about $152.89 a share in a cash-and-stock deal that will give the Canadian company the Botox wrinkle treatment. Stephanie Ruhle reports on Bill Ackman’s involvement on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)


I am joined by stephanie ruhle.

How did bill ackman structured this stake?

He loves botox.

That is the headline.

When we first heard about this, everyone was talking that there has to be some kind of violation or insider trading.

He was out there buying up a huge portion of allergen.

He was paying about 100 $29 per share and now it is above $160. i sat through his 3.5 hour presentation today and he is not cutting corners.

He is very clever.

What this will look like as a special purpose vehicle.

Think of it as an inbev.

Valiant could not do this on their own.

Bill ackman said they have the money so let's go after this together.

People left out in the colder bankers.

Investment banks normally put these types of deals together.

Bill ackman is changing the way activist investing is happening.

I bet they are not happy with him.

They are panicked but they are backseat drivers at this point.

Why does he need an investment banker when he does it himself?

Will he get dogged by questions of insider trading?

Without a doubt, he is sitting down with us at 10:00 today and we will him with many questions.

-- we will hit him with many questions.

We will ask to meet this need to get through sec and bill ackman exits going to happen.

We started with a hedge fund analyst that says we have not seen this before and people might not like it but it is legal.

Bill ackman has heard from other publicly traded companies saying that maybe you could help us.

He says this is about returning cash to shareholders.

There are many companies out there that are just not acting in the most efficient way.

Mike pearson said yesterday when you look at the way this company is operating, there is too many people in offices and they are not out in the field.

Once someone with a consulting field has a -- background gets in there, he will know how to tighten up the country -- the company.

Bill ackman knewvaliant through business connections.

Like pierson, bill ackman is a billionaire so they got the job done.

At 11:00, we will do a deep dive into activist investing.

That will be after the interview of bill ackman at 10:00. looking forward to that, thank you so much.

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