V8 Is Pasteurized, Kills Lots of Nutrients: Hain

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May 9 (Bloomberg) -- Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Hain Celestial Group Irwin Simon discusses healthy beverages and juice cleansing on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

You are eating it and look out good you look.

It is not just organic kale.

There's a movie coming out tonight called " fed up" which shows how much sugar is in products.

I compare a lot of foods like tobacco.

Look at the ingredients in food.

It's not just organic, it's cleaning up the ingredients.

High fructose syrup, food colors -- if you want to buy pesticides for your garden, put yourself in an armored suit but it's ok to spray it on your food.

Can you see an adaptation of the big food companies like general mills and the others?

Will they get behind what you have been doing for decades?

They have been and i cannot do it alone.

Look at coco cola and the ingredients they will take out of coke and pepsi.

Here are these big companies that have been responsible and they know have that -- they have been putting certain ingredients and products that are bad for you, certain collaring, certain i judge invited projects.

Just certain hydrogenated products.

It is like putting poison in their.

We by our white sugar.

We may delude ourselves we don't but we like it or what sugar.

I like my white sugar.

I take it over high fructose corn syrup and older -- and over artificial sweeteners.

How many calories in a tease than of white sugar?


If you look at soda today -- there is nothing in there with just one teaspoon.

It's not the one teaspoon that is affecting you.

It's the multiple teaspoons.

What can you tell us about the outlook for the trend in organics?

You made a recent acquisition of rudy's bakeries because of the need for grain.

What is next on the horizon?

We are talking about white bread, white flour and the whole thing about processed flowers.

Brett is a big category.

The gluten-free category, there is so many consumers today that have allergies toward wheat.

It comes from genetically modified ingredients within the wheat.

I look at the u and we have big business there where the fresh market is moving.

If you walk into a supermarket in the u.k. and look for frozen foods, it's near the washer/dryer.

Is that where we will be in five years?

Absolutely, i have a 19-year-old daughter who is not buying frozen foods bridge she is walking whole foods buying prepared foods.

We are in a hurry and not sitting down and making breakfast and more.

I have four kids but they are not home having their serial.

They're ready to go to school and moving on.

From a convenience sake, from a health say, that's where we are moving toward.

I will never give up my trix.

Let me do a data check.

-3 on the s&p 500.

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