Using Space Technology to Conserve Water

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Feb. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Cambrian Innovation Founder and CEO Matt Silver discusses the use of space tech to conserve water on earth. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Your friends at the pub, for every pint of beer that goes down the hatch, three or four pinets of water go down the drain.

It doesn't take a nasa scientists to tell you that's a lot of waste for a precious resource.

We have limited resources so the industrial infrastructure is going to have to get to the point where it's making better use of those resources.

Matt is a former astronaut.

He took the closed loop system for space and adapted it for earth.

They uploaded their project to planet forward.

It's an advanced waste water treatment system that leverradges active organisms to clean water from waste water.

They brought their system to the bear republic brewery in california.

They plugged in the pipes and those newly discovered microbes went to work.

The majority of what we're treating is organic.

They consume it.

In the process they generate a little bit of electricity and that is consumed by other organisms that generate methane.

Methane that will used to generate the burners.

The big payoff is the water.

We should be able to reuse about 25% of our water.

We estimate 15% will be used to cool chillers and so% will be used for floor washdown.

Like the modules used in space station crauks they come in sealed containers edly added to meet demand frfment pilot projects like this brewery to larger orpses at water treatment plants.

The sky is the limit for the number of applications that this technology has.

A lofty goal that is already brewing down to earth results.

If have you an idea you'd like to submit to planet forward.


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