Using Social Media as a Corporate Brand Builder

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Nov. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Jonathan D. Becher, chief marketing officer at SAP, explains how a large corporation uses social media as part of their advertising and outreach to customers. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Not necessarily a battle.

How do you do it when you are so big?

One of the challenges is we say the phrase social media.

In the end, i resist that and say how can you use technology to make your business more productive?

Do you need help selling?

Do social selling.

Do you need help with product development, do that.

Which is most effective right now?

Facebook is waning but is twitter the way to go?

Depends on what your objective is.

Facebook is a great way to connect with the millennial generation.

We find twitter effective.

What are you using twitter for?

Not exactly like you are marketing genes?

Should we do that?

Put our label on the back of genes.

We use it for a variety of things.

One of them is to listen to what our customers want.

We have 20,000 people at an event but several hundred thousand people communicating online.

We get the story out on media.

After a keynote, we analyze all 10,000 tweets in real time and provide the keynote people about what people thought before the next interview.

Do you need to pay to advertise on twitter?

You can if what you want to do is get your story out, you can pay to advertise.

I am thinking about how to get the story back in.

I am more interested in what the user thinks about me and the product.

I think what is brilliant, take a look at the sap, twitter website.

You have two young kids running it for you, which i guess is the way to go.

How do use -- how do you respond when someone yelled at sap?

I once picked on the domestic airline.

I heard from like six people in a heartbeat.

Did it change your perception of the country -- company?

Research shows if they do not get someone to respond to see -- to them within a couple of hours, that is changing their attitude not wanting to deal with them again.

I have a question about capital expenditures.

Companies have been hoarding cash.

They are and to spend.

How willing are customers, companies willing to spend it right now versus last year at this time?

I think they are very willing if you change the conversation.

Here is the business problem that is giving you problems.

Maybe becomes more of a subscription conversation.

Maintaining their account?

What is your wish list for 2014? my wish list is a lot of people start with the endgame in

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