Using Detroit as a Test Case for Immigration

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July 30 (Bloomberg) -- In today's "This Matters Now," Carlos Gutierrez, former U.S. Secretary of Commerce, talks with Tom Keene about Detroit's bankruptcy and using it as a test case for the benefits of immigration reform to help its economy grow. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

It is saving detroit, this matters now.

You have been here before.

Urban landscapes, we've got to fix them.

What is the gutierrez to do list for detroit and mitch ash and michigan?

I think governor schneider has done a very good job -- snyder has done a very good job and looking at this as a business problem, how do we turn this around?

Population is down 25%. pension funding is around 70%. you've got people leaving the state, the city.

You have a situation where you haven't funded your pensions.

He continued to grow.

It came to a point where it imploded.

There are other cities that way.

His is a time when everybody is talking about urbanization as a big global trend.

The problem is, as is like having a 100-year-old company versus a 10-year-old company.

How do you jumpstart the cities?

Some say private universities and the education platform.

Would you like to see michigan state and the university of michigan step up and provide an educational foundation for detroit like you had in pittsburgh?

That is part of the solution.

We need to grow the population.

It is the same thing on a national level.

If our workforce is not growing -- how do you do that?

I would say, let's look at immigration.

What's look at detroit is a test case.

Let's look at the skills that we need to grow, to attract investment.

Let's use immigration and also migration from within the country, but it has to be about growing the population base.

If we leave it alone, it is just going to contract, and it is going to become a town.

I think it was former mayor giuliani of new york city, do you need a police presence that increases itself, safety for the repopulation?

You need everything.

Government reform, you need services.

Right now, 40% of all whites go out at night.

It is a real crisis.

Can washington play a part?

I think washington can play a part in supporting the governor.

The governor may need all those things, plus an immigration test case, and immigration plan that brings in, whether it is phd's, farm workers, construction workers.

A detroit tigers world series would help all.

Carlos gutierrez on detroit.

We will be back.

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