Urban Outfitters Adds Funky Style to Fitness Gear

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March 10 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Julie Hyman reports on Urban Outfitters expanding its brand into fitness apparel on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Outfitters as activewear.

How does it look?

It is actually kind of cool stuff i have to say.

One person summed it up when she said what might make urban different.

She said it is differentiated.

It is eccentric and quirky.

It is a little funkier.

It is not being carried in very many stores.

It is only in five of the urban stores, one of them in new york.

I took a look at the stuff.

What is interesting is that is not like lulu where it is focused on yoga.

There are different sections.

It has a running and fitness section.

It has a younger section.

It has some hiking apparel.

It has some surf.

It has a surf section with board shorts.

It is trying to appeal to the fitness and outdoors consumer.

I am wearing my yoga pants to go to the mall.

It that is the new trend.

They have dubbed this "ath leisure." the women in the class are wearing their workout clothes.

They do their spin class.

They shower and put on other workout close.

This is where we are now.

The analysts i spoke to said there is room for urban to get into an increasingly crowded market.

If they get the sweet spot of that quirky customer they are trying to appeal to.

The earnings are coming out after the bell.

Is this going to help them turn around question ? not yet.

They are only in a few stores.

This is still very small.

It is not going to move the needle.

You could see this being and a committed concept.

Urban outfitters owns free people.

Those are a committed concepts therein they broke out into their own stores.

Eventually, you could see it become something like that.

He challenge for the urban outfitters brand is getting the fashion him right again.

They have had some fashion missteps.

They have been having a very fashion conscious consumers.

The people i spoke to said they are in the process of getting it there.

Today, the numbers will be indicative of how far they are long and that process.

Last quarter was tough for a lot of retailers.

We did see evidence with that with urban as well.

Julie hyman, thank you so much.

Chiquita is merging with an irish food firm to form the world's biggest banana promoter.

Olivia has more on this deal.

What is up with these names?

Bananas is where the money is.

If you look what chiquita has been doing, they have been jettisoning some of their less profitable businesses.

They want to be in bananas where there is more money.

They are only getting about $3 billion in a banana sales.

They will now get about $6 billion in banana sales.

It will produce about $40

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