UPS Takes Heat for Failed Christmas Deliveries

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Dec. 26 (Bloomberg)-- Bloomberg’s Paul Sweeney discusses UPS’ heavy Christmas volume and holiday shopping numbers on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

On to deliver this holiday season.

Is this going to affect the bottom line?

This shows the entire supply chain was overwhelmed.

What it illustrates for people is the extraordinary growth of e-commerce versus bricks and mortar.

He heard about store traffic over the last several weeks.

Everyone was waiting around waiting to click the mouse.

We have numbers from shopper track saying store visits were down 21%. is that because people were shopping over the computer?

People made a huge shift.

This will make the commerce department raised their number they held out for e-commerce.

That always seemed so low to me.

The number they reported was 14% over the last week.

That is a little more representative of what e- commerce is over bricks and mortar.

These are the expectations for volume.

Here we go.

We expect our volume between thanksgiving and christmas to be up 8%. pray for good weather and get all the procrastinators' presence to their homes on time.

They prayed for good weather and they did not get it.

That was one of the problems.

One of them was web glitches and they cannot handle the surge in late volume that came about.

I wonder if the brick-and-mortar retailers got a little bit of a boost -- will get a little bit of a boost knowing they can go to the store and see the product on the shelves.

The long-term trends are so clear.

Amazon is invested billions of dollars on fulfillment centers to create more fulfillment centers to get them closer to consumers in an effort to shorten the delivery time.

We talk about the holiday shopping season.

When you look at the november spending numbers, it was not good buying, it was services by that was up huge.

You wonder if people are spending more on services and experiences as opposed to a new doll or a new dress.

E-commerce companies have increased the percentage of total retail sales.

When you get to christmas, it is about boxes being shipped and stuff under the tree.

What we saw here was a whole supply chain from the manufacturer down to the distributor and the delivery mechanism.

They just got overwhelmed.

I was speaking with the ceo @toys r us.

He said there are 81 different -- a toys "r" us.

He said there are 81 different permutations for buying.

81 different possibilities.

He said you cannot have a system that is either written warner or internet.

It has to be seamless and integrated.

-- brick and mortar or internet.

It has to be seamless and integrated.

They are trying to figure out what are those anyone permutations.

What are the ones consumers go to at crunch time.

They expect the package to be delivered within 24 hours.

We have retailers giving you same-day delivery.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

You kind of wonder.

Ups said it will resume delivery starting today.

The head of bloomberg industries our test host for the hour.

That brings us to our twitter question of the day.

What was the best deal you got this holiday season?

Tweet us.

Mike, what was the best deal you got?

Shopping at brooks brothers.

Tweet us.

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