UPS Sees No Drones in the Near Future

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Dec. 10 (Bloomberg) -- UPS CIO Dave Barnes discusses the company's outlook on using drones for package delivery with Carol Massar on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

That people do not know about -- group that people do not know about that makes magic.

Amazon generated a lots of buzz after revealing its plans for delivery by jerome.

I asked the ceo about it and he calls a day long-term fantasy.

What about ups and drones?

There are reports that they have been working on them.

There has a lot of news out of there at a lot of focus since we heard from jeff bezos from amazon about that.

I asked and here is what he had to say about whether or not drones are in the cards.

Avid technology hearing we had two months ago at the data center, we were out there in the vacant lot next to it using a drone to demonstrate the package delivery.

We are not looking at it for practical aspects.

It is an exercise to stretch the envelope and think outside of the box.

You not see that happening in the future?

Not in the near term at all.


It is hard to say.

The idea a drone will deliver one package, that is not what we see in the future.

But the idea of a method of delivery and interaction with our customers, will change the way we see and we will run away with that.

So drones may not be in the card anytime soon, but this is a company that spends $1 billion a year on company looking at new technology or technology to come.

Looking at everything as a company, technology the backbone at ups a driving so much air,

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