Unmasking the Truth Behind Alleged Bitcoin Creator

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March 6 (Bloomberg) -- Today’s “BWest Byte” is 64, for the age of Satoshi Nakamoto, the alleged creator of Bitcoin. Jordan Robertson and Jon Erlichman report on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Jordan robertson joins us.

Your take today?

"newsweek" had a fascinating story that they believe they have unveiled the identity of the going founder.

He is a 64-year-old from los angeles, a retired defense contractor, military contractor, exactly the kind of guy you wouldn't expect to see behind the latest digital currency around.

Somebody who claims to be a part of this, as well, jon erlichman.

You are not buying bitcoin.

Yeah, we picked 64. that is his age.

What is fascinating about this story is, here is a name, satoshi nakamoto, which, for a long time, people associated with maybe a particular group of programmers that might be behind the creation of bitcoin.

We really -- we never really knew because of the secretary -- the secrecy.

Now, "newsweek" saying it is this fellow living with his 94 euro mother in a two-story home -- there is the possibility, what is the person worth?

Here they are, living in a relatively modest home, the things that stand out about him being that he is a model train enthusiasts.

Reporters have been running around town in los angeles today , asking him questions, and all he will talk about is the fact that he is not involved with bitcoin.

The big question is the beginning of bitcoin.

A lot of reporting has come out suggesting that, since 2011, he hasn't had that much involvement.

Jordan, his personal peccadilloes aside, the notion that he worked in government, what does that tell us about the kinds of things you have to know to create this phenomenon?

He had a very high level of technical sophistication, which you would get in decades working for the government in a technical capacity.

The department of motor vehicle department, maybe not always a lot of great technological facilities.

He had an obsession with anonymity and e-mail and some of the technical components that would allow you to create this kind of currency.

It kind of makes sense.

This guy is kind of denying that he was involved, quasi-denying it.

As john mentioned, reporters have been chasing him around los angeles, in and out of news bureaus.

It is kind of a wild story that "newsweek" seems to have kicked off.

Of all places, hollywood has got to be loving this.

[laughter] you are right, it is mainly producers running after him.

Obviously, there is a fascination with it going.

-- bitcoin.

Now we can talk about the fascination with one individual.

This idea, that for years, the discussions around digital currencies and the problems that there would be with having one dominant one -- we can go through all of the list, but we don't have time -- to be at a point where you've got so many people who are using bitcoin, and i think this week the winkle vos twins saying they will fly to space using bitcoin as pay ment -- it has been an amazing story.

Obviously, the ups and downs get reported on.

Boy, there are so many questions we all have about what was going through his mind in the lead up to its creation.

Flying to space using bitcoin?

I wonder what they will use to fly back.

Is this the guy?

It seems like it well could be.

The interesting twist is -- i have to give the "newsweek" reporter a lot of credit.

She did a lot of digging.

Some really good digging.

Records of naturalized citizens, naturalized residents in america, things like that, but the year before the bitcoin algorithm came out, this particular pearson published -- person published a paper before that describing some similar components.

That is what gave the reporter or the inclination to look at him.

This idea that he would be in the u.s. and not in tokyo, not overseas -- with the name -- hiding in plain sight.

It is a brilliant strategy.

You are the real jordan robertson.

Our real jon erlichman from los

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