Univision Should Win July Sweeps: Adgate

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July 23 (Bloomberg) -- Horizon Media Senior Vice President of Research Brad Adgate discusses summer television programming with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Are doing this summer?

We have been doing this every summer really.

The networks full be tense with repeats.

Univision is putting on original -- the networks fold their tents with repeats.

Univision is putting on your original fellow novellas -- telenovelas.

Nothing new, but they are closing the gap.

Spanish-language soap operas?

Soap operas, yes.

There are no repeat.

There would be another telen ovela.

Turn your attention to cbs and "under the dome." what is the plan?

They are very conservative.

They run a lot of these repeats.

"egg bang theory -- "big bang theory." "under the dome" is a series produced by steven spielberg based on a book by stephen king.

What is interesting is you pointed out the viewers.

I just put out -- they put out a statement that said after the show first aired, they got an additional 7 million viewers online and through different venues.

It is on amazon for days after airing on cbs.

It is really about the future of where these networks are going and how they can monetize.

You mentioned this world of online streaming.

I want to get your thoughts on apple.

They are going into the television business.

Intel said they wanted to be in the tv business.

Is there room for all of these competitors?

Net looks, hulu, amazon -- netflix, hulu, amazon?

There is an audience.

Hulu, they have another $750 million of rogue ramming and to promote the -- of programming and to promote the online service.

Amazon, -- yahoo!

Is coming out with its own original rogue ramming.

Youtube has hundreds of channels.

Those are being professionally made and getting advertising time.

It is getting more and more professionalized.

Shows like "under the dome" are ahead of the curve.

All right.

We will be watching a lot of tv.

Thanks very much, brad adgate --brad adgate.

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