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Jan. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor David Kirkpatrick discusses the business impact of unions and government incentives on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Have offered the money.

Who wouldn't want the jobs involved in the building of the 777? we are not talking about it problem plagued 787. we are talking about the mainstay wide-body jet of boeing.

The only thing about that kind of thing is monitor manufacturing plants do not use as many people.

Justifying in terms of jobs, it may not be as easy, but robots will do a lot of that work.

Not only robots, but it just takes fewer people.

To mr.

Schatzker's point, that makes it ever more important to employ what we have got, whether it is in the carolinas or washington state.

That trend is not going away.

We want more manufacturing in the u.s., but you can have more investment with now -- without a lot more jobs.

What would facebook be like with a unionized workforce?

Impossible to imagine.

And i am a big opponent of unions and used to be a union guy myself, but that kind of personality -- life load of that company are programmers.

They are such free spirits, they will never be union people -- they will never be union people.

It did offer incentives for epo will that for people to stay in the city.

States and cities will be fighting for big companies.

Tech companies are going to be thrilled to get incentives.

They try to get them all the time.

Within this challenge -- and i guess i will call it the manufacturing renaissance -- let me give you an open question that you are eminently qualified to answer.

What is our tech renaissance this year?

What is the tech renaissance?

This quantified self movement, i think it is animatic of the things that are happening with computation going everywhere, including on our bodies, and then you have the connective, the internet, where the chip in your microphone and in my coffee cup -- all these things are really happening.

I think this will be a year where we see competition spread more widely around society and we get more centralized coordination of life.

Google is in the forefront of that with the self driving car and other things.

I want to tie it into the old as well.

This microphone -- the guy that made this is the guy who helped produce some of the ray charles electronics way back.

It has great modern technology.

Is that your special microphone that you brought in?

No, i am honored to use it, and we paid for it, folks.

I would not be surprised if there was a chip in their bank very soon.

-- in there very soon.

But can you control it from your pocket or your wrist?

That will happen.

David kirkpatrick with us on bloomberg.

Bloomberg businessweek this

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