Unilever is Good Long Term Growth Play: Kelly

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Jan. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Brenda Kelly, Market Strategist at IG Group, discusses both Unilever and SAP’s performance. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” websubmit vidtvom vidint (Source: Bloomberg)

This is a pretty hefty announcements that they made.

It is very true and we have come to expect it.

That brought this to life and, despite the fact that we saw you to leopard down 12%, i do see it in some respects as being price dan.

The outlook is for emerging markets and the trouble in the euro zone is as they forecast for a while to come.

For the time being, it seems to be part of the year clippers share price that is further upside.

I think that when you look at these two conversations, unilever and sap, what our clients feeling and what is their appetite at the moment.

It does not come into the lexicon because of the fact that it has been underperforming for the past year or so.

There are higher yielding strop -- stocks.

I think we have better-than- expected numbers there versus the expectations.

It is the emerging markets that carry the company.

We need to see a turnaround in the developing markets and that will clearly help the underdeveloped markets.

In addition to sap, i think there is an overoptimistic relation to profitability.

They got at least 20 billion in the particular junction.

I think the right to go after the cloud share to look for a longer-term ingrowth.

That will all come good.


we will send it over to the market strategist.

Coming up, we will go over to the high-end headphone market.

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