Airline Fees: How to Avoid the Worst of the Worst

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March 21 (Bloomberg) -- Brian Kelly founder of, discusses how airlines use customer fees to boost profits and looks at which airlines are the worst at adding on fees and penalties on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

Get hit for fees.

Especially for food or wi-fi.

Can you get around that?

Can you get airline elite class without flying three times a week?

The big game is credit cards.

Most credit cards will give you a lot of waivers.

They will even give you a lead qualifying miles.

Even if you are not a frequent flyer, if you have the right card, you can get you elite status.

That sounds to me like we are paying for it either way.

If you have a super sweet platinum card, then you also get baller status.

My husband and i have a delta miles card.

What airline is the worst offender?

Look at business week.

Delta is the worst one.

$400 to switch your ticket?

They just increased their change fees.

If you want to upgrade internationally, be prepared to pay for a refundable coach fare.

That may be marked sense of the business class.

We just bought a ticket to europe.

We wanted to upgrade and they told us we had to buy a whole different ticket for $400 apiece.

What is the point?

Why am i using this card?

You get double slammed.

They charge you the fee to change and the re-fare.

The economy is rebounding.

There are business travelers paying for this business class seats.

It is so unfair.

You do not want to fly to europe and have to fly luggage class.

We saved our miles to upgrade.

This was our big dream.

What is the worst the?

-- fee?

Airline websites are generally terrible.

You have to call to book an award.

They will charge you.

It is ridiculous.

I have this problem with iberia back and forth to spain.

The website never works.

I have to call to confirm that things are right.

Then they charge me 25 dollars, even though it is their website that failed.

. and you have to wait on hold most times.

When you calculate the value of short time, it is ridiculous.

When you use your frequent flyer miles, a lot of time to book and nadine you with a convenience fee -- they ding you with a convenience fee.

Do any of the fees have an adverse impact on consumers?

Are people flying less?

A lot of the fees due makes sense.

American came out with fares that will allow you to change your flight.

Your next miles.

Even getting the best seats on the plane.

I do not mind paying extra.

Some of the fares due makes sense.

In general, they're pretty annoying.

How far away are we from an airline actually asking you for money to use the restroom?

Ryanair has used that as a vote was based on.

They are one of the worst.

They actually cut off online check-in three hours before your flight.

I got slammed with us.

I had a $100 for them to print my boarding pass.

That was twice the price of the cost of the ticket.

That is insane.

They are cheap.

Looking at the list of fees, spirit, allegiance -- all of these airlines that we would never fly on.

They charge you for everything.

You can still use the restroom for free.

You can for the time being.

That would be my worst nightmare on a plane.

My final question to you -- you are the point guy.

What is the best way to use my miles?

I would recommend to everyone, all of the airlines have -- delta came out with tearful programs.

Get a credit card that allows you to bank points into a pool.

That way, your diversified --you are diverse five.


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