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Aug. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Kevin Plank, Chief Executive Officer at Under Armour, talks with Stephanie Ruhle about their new focus on performance gear for women, their relationship with technology companies and what drives their business success. He speaks on “Market Makers.”


It is a matter of us delivering on what they are asking for.

Performance always works but you never had a chance -- that is what today is about.

This is not a launch by any way shape or form.

We are telling the consumer that we are making products -- you have already got 30% of your sales.

Where do you want to take it to?

Women represented footie percent.

We have added over $2 billion in revenue.

It is outpacing our growth.

We are very proud of what our women mean to us and their opportunity.

To win in a women's game you're not just going to make a cute top.

Of you have to win in distribution -- are you changing your tune now that you have had a meeting with samsung?

We have lots of partners from lots of different places.

The connected platform has been overwhelming for us.

The platform had about 20 million registered users.

Last monday, the first monday in july, we had over 64th house and people sign up to join the platform.

It is going to include a lot of partners.

The best thing is job own, samsung, any device that will compute and work -- that is going to lead us to a much bigger idea.

Are we going to see something between you and samsung?

There is lots out there.

Nothing to say.

They are a great company.

A is under armour for the underdogs?

Corrects it is not about the athlete and it is about being seen.

We have phenomenal athletes, some of the best in the world.

If you look at the portfolio of stars, we have been together seven years now.

We have been doing this together for a very long time.

There is a chip and we love that.

We love building our city and building our stage.

We love that you can never compete with the behemoth's. what they do or don't do has no impact with our business.

We control our own destiny.

It is our job to execute.

You mentioned some of the great women that are tied to under armour women.

Tom brady.

She is stylish, she is beautiful, she is athletic.

We have had an amazing relationship with tom brady.

I was really happy to see giselle at the world cup, being apart of her home country's ceremony at the beginning of the game.

We have greeted -- great respect and admiration.

Alex, i don't know if you

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