Under Armour CEO: Why We're Targeting Women

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July 31 (Bloomberg) –- Under Armour Founder and CEO Kevin Plank discusses launching the company’s largest ever global marketing campaign for women and opening stores around the globe. He speaks on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

International earnings.

22% are coming from international zip codes.

From the women's side, when you walk in, you will see probably the most comprehensive display of under armour women's than anywhere.

What women usually do when they walk in his say, "i've never seen you like this.

I never knew you could explode color like this." these beautiful silhouettes and style that is just unexpected, that people were not looking for.

They walk in and say they love the performance and the way it looks in the way it makes them feel.

If it is an international consumer in the soho store, should we expect you will be opening under armour stores in london, paris, buenos aires?

We will have about 100 stores outside of the u.s. by the end of the year.

A lot of partnerships, a lot using other people's capital, but putting under armour's name and brand on the door with our protection and our guideline.

We are going slow, and it does not sound that way, but we think we have a strong view of the aesthetic that represents under armour.

All these things, it just takes time.

We are happy to say we been making these investments for a long time, and they are starting to come home.

You were recently in asia visiting with samsung.

You have said to me in the past while you love technology, you have said you do not necessarily love wearables.

Are you changing your tune after this meeting?

Let me be clear -- under armour has lots of partners coming from lots of different places, and our new position has been an overwhelming homerun for us as we look at it today.

When we bought it in december, it had about 20 million registered users.

Today, it will have over 27 million registered users.

The first monday in july, we had over 64,000 people sign up to join on a single platform.

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