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Jan. 23 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg Businessweek’s Emma Rosenblum and Reef Divers Operations manager Mick Maher discuss warm weather getaways that are a little off the beaten path. They speak to Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Understanding, these are places that -- they're on the map but they're kind of off the map.


They're slightly less developed, they're not as well known.

These aren't the places where you're going to go and have a ton of tourists on the beach.

They're going to be slightly more remote and harder to get to but that's a good thing.

Let's talk about some of them.

I want to start with the island of dominca.

It is close to martinique.

It is also known as nature island.

So it has this gorgeous oceanic rain forest all over it where you can go hiking, there are water falls.

So it's a really cool place to explore.

And they also have a really beautiful resort there called secret bay which is pretty luxurious.

Secretway -- secret bay.

How do you get there?

You can take a puddle jumper from a few islands around there.

It's about a 45-minute flight but that's the only way you can get there.

Let's say you want to go to andros island.

It is it's are it's the largest island in the bahamas and but it's not one would you have heard of because it's way less developed than some of the bigger resort towns in the bahamas.

So that is very much a diving island.

So if you're into diving or snorkeling, you should definitely go there because it has these water holes that guck in, it's completely clear.

And you dive in and it becomes kind of an underground cave and there's so much cool wildlife down there and fish and it's perfect for people who love diving.

Luckily enough we do have someone who loves diving and he's joining us now.

I want to bring in mick of reef divers operations manager, joining us from a beach resort in cayman.

Good to have you with us.

Tell us, what is it that do you?


I manage a dive boat operation where we can take out about 80 divers at a time.

And tell us a little bit about cayman, what makes it so special?

It's one of those places kind of out of the way, quieter , real kind of natural beauty with rock climbing, bouldering, biking and hiking.

Going down the iron shore.

There's some blow holes with water kind of blowing out.

Just a nice quiet getway.

Emma, one of the things i noted from reading this list is the selection.

How did you do this?

We had a really great travel writer who knows all about the caribbean.

Basically look and see which places were kind of the up and coming places.

Because when you're going away, especially now, you don't want to have to go to a cancun, you don't want to go somewhere where it's already so crowded and you want to go somewhere where you can relax in peace.

There's another place that you mentioned as part of this, isla moheras.

Can you tell us about it?

It was a long time ago.

Now they have hotels there.

They have some hotels there.

Very rustic.

Very discrete and very natural.


Very natural.

Very much more off the beaten path.

Which most of these islands are.

What about the cost of going to these places?

Because it can be very expensive, particularly when it's cold in the northern hemisphere.

They know that.

And they can make money.

Flights right now are pretty expensive but the things about these island is they're not necessarily, because the hotels aren't as lucksures, they can run slightly less -- luxurious, they can run slightly less.

The hotel on andros is about $200 a night only.

And it's basesically all included.

It's a diving resort that's family-run.

So that's not very expensive.

Granted the hotel we talked about on domica, that's $500 a night.

You can save on hotel costs with this but the additional travel in terms of flights there and then a ferry and also another flight might add up.

Last question to you, what about the cost of diving, of making these arrangements?

Any difference this year than

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