Ukrainian People Need to Be Heard: Browne

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March 3 (Bloomberg) -- Lord John Browne, former BP CEO, comments on the situation in Ukraine. He speaks with Matt Miller and Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Talking about sanctions.

We have heard a lot of rhetoric from the white house.

Do you see the white house following through on those threats?

I am sure the u.s. can do plenty of things.

They are a powerful nation who has the ability to control the banking system and other things as well, as was shown with the sanctions against iran.

I hope that this is an area where people take it very cool.

People tend to go to the brink in order to make sure that no one goes across the brink inadvertently.

That has been my experience with mr.

Putin on a business basis.

How far will he go?

When you were running bp, there was a giant oil company that mr.

Putin decided all of a sudden he would prefer to control himself.

So, he gave them a $20 billion tax bill, through the ceo and the owner into a blog, and took what he would desire.

He is in order -- he is willing to cross the brink.

We had a time therefore we did business, tough business, but in the end it was highly profitable.

Why do you think he never did that with you?

Is part of this of willingness to stand up and call his bluff?

As a business, you never stand up to the head of a nation.

You have to manage your relationship with him or her.

You manage it in such a way that you keep out the things that are not your business.

You focus on what is important to them.

Is that the advice you would give to president obama right now?

I think you have got to be very careful to make sure that the people in the ukraine get what they want done for themselves.

I think that that is very important.

Obviously a difference between someone it ep who has a business relationship and the president of the united states.


No one ever it waited business and oil politics together, and they should not.

I have to jump back.

I am confused, it sounds like you said the president should let ukraine do what it needs to do and let that be up to the people of the ukraine.

Handle your own stuff?

In this case the president will decide what he must do, but the ukrainian people are saying things and they need to be listened to.

Democracy is important.

What do you see as far as cooperation?

I was talking earlier about the concert that needs to be worked in.

The u.k., the european union, the u.s., is that strong enough to stand up to vladimir putin?

I see no reason why it isn't. excellent.

All right, that was the former bp ceo and his book,

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