Ukraine Tension Escalates Ahead of Geneva Talks

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April 17 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Ryan Chilcote updates the latest news on the Ukraine crisis on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Hope to accomplish this weekend in geneva?

You know, what the u.s. would like to see is for russia to sort of pulled back of pull back the 40,000 troops that they have east of the border, and also, to say to russia, stop funding and coordinating these so-called activists in the east of the country that are creating all of this unrest.

I think that those are the main objectives for the united states.

Although i am not really sure that those objectives will be met.

Is this just a ballet, or is there any true negotiation going on, any real diplomacy going on between russia and the west?

It feels an awfully lot like a ballet, and a short one at that.

If you consider that they just started these talks, the first talks with the russian and ukrainian foreign minister's are actually sitting down.

-- ministers are actually sitting down.

Rush and the ukraine, it is significant they are sitting down.

They just met couple of hours ago and only are supposed to be for a couple more hours.

If you really want a conversation it would take hours upon hours to get to a solution, if not days.

It does not look like this would be a quick ballet.

Thank you, ryan chilcote from geneva.

We have ambassador richard haass, author of "foreign policy begins at home.

" william cohen joins us, and his

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