MH17 Crash: Ukraine, Russia, Rebels Deny Downing

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Russia and Ukraine blamed each other for the downing of a Malaysia Airlines jet that killed all 298 people on board in an incident that may prove to be a turning point in the five-month conflict between their countries. Ryan Chilcote reports on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

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Our ryan chilcote, we have elliott gotkine, and other guests.

Is a real movement with the ruble this morning as well.

Ryan chilcote of course is very familiar with the international relations of russia, and also with ukraine.

He has traveled to kiev this morning.

Brian, how has kiev changed in the last 24 hours?

Well, the story was a regional one in many senses.

The russians would like you do think it was a domestic one, but now of course it has become a global one because if you think of the number of people that were killed in this plane crash, when that plane was down yesterday, it is almost equal to the total number of people that were killed in those conflicts since it began, so it has taken a big step in the direction, as they say, of escalation.

I talked to the ukrainian foreign minister earlier today.

He says they have proof that the pro-russian rebels are behind this attack on that airplane.

Have a listen.

We intercepted a number of foreign calls between the terrorists who were talking about hitting, shutting down the plane.

We have translated the phone calls in english and other mind witches is, and we will put it on the internet and news channels to provide the clear proof who shot down the plane.

They have been playing one of those audio recordings all day on ukrainian television.

Ukrainian government says it is between a pro-russian fighter, who is actually at the cry site during the audio recording, and his russian military minder, if you will, russian military intelligence official, like a supervisor.

In it, the intelligence officer asks the fighter on the ground, do you see any evidence that this was a military plan, any weapons.

A guy says no, this looks like it was a civilian aircraft.

In the transcript, he has just come across one of the fatalities, and he says in fact i can see that i right now looking at the backpack of an indonesian university student.

This was definitely a civilian aircraft.

Anyway, ukrainian tv playing that nonstop today.

The foreign minister was born in russia, he studied physics in moscow.

The interdependencies here at ukraine and russia were shown never more clearly yesterday then in the comments of vladimir putin.

What was the reaction in kiev and what you have heard to the comments by mr.

Putin that this is ukraine's responsibility?

Well, they find those kind of comments obviously audacious, and the most recent comments from the russian foreign ministry i think of your gradients find even more insulting.

The russian foreign minister in the last half-hour saying that he has not heard the ukrainian say a true thing in the last two months.

He thinks that perhaps the rebels -- he said he doubts the rebels had anything to do with the downing of mh17 and that

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