Ukraine Faces Prospect of Economic Collapse: Ash

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Dec. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Timothy Ash, chief economist of emerging markets at Standard Bank, discusses the economic troubles in Ukraine that have prompted hundreds of thousands to take to the streets in protest against the government and the role of Russian President Vladimir Putin in finding a solution to the crisis. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Backdrop to what we are seeing on the streets.

How much trouble as the ukrainian economy in.

Ethic reserves are down.

Three months is always the level that is seen as critical.

The treasury has next to no money in a single treasury accounts.

On the edge and in need of external support.

They need support.

Is of a positive or negative if the government were to fall?

And might be positive because i think people -- it is kind of unlikely.

They have to backtrack, do a deal with the imf, then you have the russians coming in.

It has been quite clear from putin.

What does putin want?

He wants the ukraine.

That is crystal clear.

What is the aim of the game for him?

How far is he prepared to go?

If it goes, it is a disaster, if he keeps it, where's the wiggle room?

Ukraine is essential to his vision of creating a eurasian union.

The ukraine is critical to it.

This is the great game for putin.

This is a must win for him?

I think so.

How much is he prepared to rescue the ukrainian economy?

How much is he prepared to put into the ukraine to make it work?

Has pockets are deep, but there are no -- there is no trust betweenp putin and viktor yanukovych.

How does this end?

We have a safari of it does not work, but he cannot convince the ukrainians.

How does this work out?

Sometimes in life there are not easy solutions.

The ukraine is facing the possibility of collapse.

I think viktor yanukovych should take the european option.

Is he -- he has support from the imf, he would be able to defend themselves about a -- against russian aggression.

Time is running out for viktor yanukovych and the ukraine.

They need to make a decision and quickly.

I think the risks are enormous for this country.

Economically, ethnically, it was interesting that putin made comments given the history between ukraine and russia.

Only two weeks ago, the ukraine commemorated the 1933 famine.

That was brutal and for putin to mention that, he raised the

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