Ukraine Essential to Putin Regime’s Power: Conley

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July 25 (Bloomberg) -- Heather Conley of the Center for Strategic and International Studies talks with Alix Steel about the approach the U.S. and Europe are taking against Russian President Vladimir Putin and why Ukraine is so important to his regime. She speaks on “In The Loop.”

That russia is firing artillery across the border and are going to move more weapons over to ukraine, do you believe that?

We have to take the information on face value.

We certainly know that increased russian transfer is a very sophisticated weapons -- weapon and arms have been flowing across the ukrainian border.

Pro-russian separatists are losing very important face on the ground in donetsk and luhansk.

President putin doesn't need an outright victory by the pro-russian separatists, but he does need a stalemate.

Right now, the separatists are on their.

-- they're back heel -- on their back heel.

He will have to respond with escalated sanctions.

Why does putin just want a stalemate?

It would seem what he wanted was a complete destabilization mtf so the country can't really -- destabilization in kiev so the country can't really function.

As we've seen in moldova and georgia and elsewhere, you basically have a russian-controlled enclave which allows the russians to destabilize and influence the government.

So, he doesn't need outright control.

But, in order to maintain influence over the government, to prevent them from other -- ever taking meaningful steps toward the west, he has to be able to have very strong influence over the region.

The problem is the separatists really are losing militarily.

You see the essay 11's and these very sophisticated aircraft -- antiaircraft missiles entered into theater as they try to lessen the severity of the military push back against their positions in ukraine.

What would be the best deterrent?

We've heard so much about sanctions.

You kind of feel like putin is calling europe's bluff at this point.

Putin has a very high threshold of economic pain.

This is existential to his regime.

He cannot create this greater eurasia union concept without ukraine.

If ukraine goes decisively towards the west or towards europe, that is an excess essential challenge to his regime.

The stakes are enormously high.

He is prepared to take that economic pain.

Europe is the key here.

The u.s. does not have a very strong trade relationship with russia.

We do have tools in our toolkit.

Slowly, the administration is focusing on the financial and energy sector.

Europe is the key.

They could begin to change the calculus if they put very meaningful sanctions forward.

Unfortunately, they have not.

They are extremely slow to do this.

It is going to have an enormous impact on their economies.

Also, they are concerned they are going to provoke pruden and make the situation worse.

The white house will be very frustrated with europe for the foreseeable future.

And they all have to agree.

With 28 member countries, it is

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