Ugly Holiday Sweaters Inspire Kickstarter Campaign

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July 29 (Bloomberg) -- Fashion designer Michael Simon discusses his new Kickstarter campaign to help fund a do-it-yourself holiday sweater kit. He speaks with Cory Johnson on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

A do-it-yourself holiday sweater . this is from the 80's and the 90's, they were very engaging and entertaining.

Tell me about this business and what it is like.

Who bought these things?


Everyone bought these things.

It was a great time.

We used to make fashion in 1976, and that somewhere in the 80's we try to make a couple of sweaters that were conversational.

That is what they got branded as because we started putting things on them and people were touching and feeling them.

It was a big hit.

We started off in barney's and -- lofty establishments.

Everyone had to have them because people were wearing them for fun.

They were having a great time.

Then they went away for a little bit.

But we were not trying to reinvent them, because this is what we do.

It was what you do, now it is what i could do or anyone could do.

Tell me about this new business.

We feel like this is now.

We put the power in the hands of people.

We let them dress their sweater, not everybody wants a sweater, but in your home you could put it on your ipad, you could put it on your pillow, on your wine bottle.

What do we have here?

? a raeindeer.

Put a little pizzazz on that petrone bottle.

Christmas trees, snowflakes.

The notion here is that the sweater is making a comeback?

I do not know if the sweater will make a comeback, but i know that the parties have come back because they're a lot of fun.

Stores selling these waters are really high-end.

I saw a great one that showed kids re-creating the pictures that their mother had taken of them over the years.

What is it about -- is there some sort of emotional connection?

Why do people dig this so much?

That is what it is, and emotional connection, and an engaging quality so that when people wear them they become the life of the party.

Is in a connection to an earlier days when people do not know any better?

We were hiring artist's from our institutes of chicago, and

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