UFC Truly The Only Global Sport: Fertitta

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March 10 (Bloomberg) -- Lorenzo Fertitta, CEO and Co-Founder of UFC, discusses the growth potential of mixed martial arts and value of the UFC business. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

We started by asking him if he was surprised by how quickly it has grown.

We have found that our sport is transportable.

It is the only global sport.

You think about the landscape in the different markets.

In the u.s. it is all about the nfl.

In india, it is all about cricket.

A lot of those sports have a hard time transferring popularity into different cultures and popularity's -- populations.

This works everywhere.

Every country, every culture gets it everywhere.

It is a simple spore.

Where bc -- do you see the most growth?

We started small.

We are a global media company now.

When you think about our ability to scale the business.

A lot of sports are defined by the fact that they have a season and a certain number of games erie it we have expanded from 1-wood bought the company to doing 2014 where we will do 49 events.

Our biggest markets are north america.

We are based in las vegas.

We have seen tremendous success in brazil.

We have become the number two sport in brazil to soccer or football, as you would say.

We have the upwards of 40 million viewers f per fights.

We have a tremendous base of talent from brazil.

These athletes have become bigger than run although in the market -- renaldo in the market.

That is driving our business.

We are seeing a lot of traction here.

We are going to do an event in london, berlin, stockholm, dublin.

Give me a sense of -- it is your business is worth a billion.

How much is a going to be worth in five or 10 years?

Are we talking 10 times bigger?

How do investors take advantage?

We are the league.

It is not just one specific team.

We are the league.

Think about the value of the premier league.

That is what we are striving for.

The ability to scale international growth, international media rights, we are at the beginning of being able to exploit and generate revenue for this product.

We have a tremendous amount of room for growth.

We are a privately held company.

It is owned by me and my brother.

We are getting ready to launch a game with electronic arts.

It will launch at the beginning of the summer.

There are other companies that were associated with wet why -- why not ipo?

We do not need capital to run it.

We are in a position where this generates a lot of free cash flow and we do not have a lot of capital investment that we need.

We like staying private for now.

That was the ceo of ultimate fighting championship.

We are back in a couple of minutes.

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