Uber Protests Spread Across Europe

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June 10 (Bloomberg) -- On today’s “The Roundup,” Trish Regan, Julie Hyman, Eric Chemi and Jonathan Ferro wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

We had the ceo.

The backlash is spreading across europe.

30,000 taxi and limo drivers are landing demonstrations.

They claim that the smartphone at is hurting business.

In an e-mailed statement, uber said its teams in europe plan to keep the constant moving.

The ceo certainly sounds ambitious.

I asked about his future plans for the company.

Including whether there was an ipo.

The things we think about our , can we continue our growth.

Can we continue growing in the cities we are already in.

Are we growing faster this year?

How long can we keep that up?

If we can make it through and grow faster when we're bigger, that is a big deal.

I have a lot of 19 focused on those things.

There are a lot of little things to make that a reality.

But that was travis talking about the company.

I did not push them on the ipo.

He does not seem concerned about regulation.

There is all of this union up for.

It sounds like he is more concerned about keeping growth as opposed to getting smacked down.

I have to bring the london perspective.

The london cabbie is on strike tomorrow.

They have to go through a three-year course.

They are wonderful.

London cab drivers are the best.

Name the hotel and street.

Name wherever you want to go.

You are there.

Are they better paid than in new york?

For all that training that they put in, do they get more out of it?

It is not just about the money.

You should never have to do it horse to get a life.

That is me protecting the london cabbie.

You can have a gps in your car now.

We have unions.

We get pushed into a corner where there is a change.

If you want a europe that will reform, tomorrow is a transfer -- example of that.

They have clearly grown into a lot of races.

That does not help consumers.

What does it tell consumers?

Mike and -- encourage more people.

From the driver cost perspective, they will make more money.

You are not sending it to the overhead.

It is a similar story in london.

You keep 80%. you have this massive supply taxi drivers that comes through.

Lexical cars.

General motors has an annual meeting going on.

They pledge to be more transparent.

It took more than a decade to recall cars link to 13 deaths.

They banned reporters from attending the shareholder meeting.

That was not the case in previous meetings.

I talked to matt miller on the phone.

He is our man in to try.

He thinks everyone had to turn the phone off.

He thinks it was a question of politeness.

The reporters were in a side room where they could watch the meeting.

It was webcast.

It is not like it was shrouded in secrecy.

Other reporters have said that gm has the worst public relations in the industry.

There's something weird about them.

If they are putting this much control over a meeting, maybe they should have put that into their engineering and safety.

They have the ability to focus on important things.

Maybe they are focused on the wrong things.

The faa reveal a legally approved drug flight.

It happened on sunday in alaska.

The aircraft was used to serve on oil will.

The faa was ordered to integrate drones into the skies by next year.

It has only issued the two approvals.

We might get excited and you might start thinking that amazon will deliver your package is drones and this is the first step.

What keys where this took place.

Alaska, in a remote area.

It seems safer than to allow to happen there.

Will they let it happen in an urban area with heavy footfall and a lot of people walking around?

When will that happen?

It is already happening.

The faa is designed to regulate air traffic like a delta flight.

That is way up in the sky.

People own the low level places near the ground.

Near your house, you own the part about it.

That is a great area.

It is not clear who owns it.

That isn't happening?

Are there drones flying around?

There are some things flying around.

You see people living in their houses.

There's something outside my window.

Is this something that actually happened?

We can talk about drones all day.

Why not talk about something else?

Taco bell added a new menu item.

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