Uber Powers Ahead With Global Expansion

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Aug. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Greycroft Partners Venture Partner Bo Peabody and Bloomberg Businessweek’s Brendan Greeley discusses Uber’s expansion plans. They speak on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

That buber at some point could possibly be taken over by another apple or a number of other apps because barriers of entry are low.

I hear drivers constantly complaining about the company.

Why doesn't somebody else come up with an app we use just as much as uber?

We both use uber constantly.

I'm sure this is just like amazon back in the 1990's. this is an arms race.

If uber can keep raising capital and bringing prices down, why wouldn't you take it?

They are also advertising two taxidrivers on the bridge to offer them to go over to uber.

Why is this not like groupon?

It was an amazing idea.

Execution is reputable and it turned out to be.

Amazon stole the idea, as did many others.

Was it -- what is it that will keep buber the company to be a -- from being overtaken i grew -- by uber, the idea.

Lost focus on the game.

Amazon has been a 20 year multi-winning game, where jeff bezos has been at the helm the entire time.

I think if uber can maintain the intensity, they will win.

Groupon for you is not innovators curis.


i thought it was a great concept.

I just think management got distracted.

Took the money and ran.

There are certain businesses where the product is so unique and so innovative that it can make up for a lot of mistakes.

Uber and amazon, these things where you are basically taking something and modernizing it, those are not those types of businesses.

They are execution businesses that require management.

We point out everywhere else besides israel, regulation is a row problem.

But they just steamroll over it and do not care.

That bothers you.

For me, i think it is great because it is sowing the seeds of their own demise.

I think that is possibly true.

I just think they are too clever about the idea of regulation.

It is true the tax businesses overregulated.

It is definitely beset with regulations that are a problem and raise the barrier to entry.

The problem with uber is rather than working to get the regulations changed, that there is at least one low consistent set of regulations every driver is dealing with, they are just pretending that they are just a technology company, which is a little disingenuous.

They're going to have their moment where something really bad happens.

When that happens, hopefully they can raise their capital to buy out of that.

Thank you.

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