Is Uber Playing Dirty Tricks?

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Aug. 27 (Bloomberg) –- Gett Head of Marketing Brooke Moreland and Bandwagon CEO David Mahfouda discuss Uber’s recruiting tactics and the battle for ridesharing supremacy. They speak on “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Competition is good.

What they are doing is more than competition.

They are playing dirty tricks.

They have ordered rides and canceled them.

I'm sure they did it to lfyft because they did it to us in january and they admitted it.

He basically said that it is absolutely not true.

Well, he lied.

We actually have truth.

The new york uber team ordered rides and cancel them while they were en route.

They were doing this under their own names.

Now there's a playbook.

They posted the playbook of how they go in and recruit drivers and now they are more sophisticated.

They have throwaway phones and credit card that cannot be traced.

They been doing it since january and probably even before then.

David, what's the danger?

Bandwagon just announced a major partnership with halo, the largest taxi network in the world.

They are wasting their money on dirty tactics when they could be building interoperable services that provide wonderful services to their customers.

Yet their goal is to be dominant in most markets.

A kind of plays into that quest for dominance?

They are being disingenuous when they say they want competition.

They want what is best for uber.

They want to innovate but they don't want anyone else to do that or play in their space.

You sound like this will overall hurt the marketplace.

If uber is the only one standing at the end of the day, that is a monopoly and it's not good for users.

They're wasting money deteriorating the quality for users.

At the same time can we say competition is good and it means lower prices for all of the people writing in these cars?

You should be creating new services and not destroy services already in the marketplace area that's a way to compete effectively in the market.

How do you take them on?

They just launched a newsreel.

Uber just lunch there this weekend they are already doing similar tactics to our drivers over there.

We have loyal users and our drivers love us.

They can call any time.

If we operate good service they will stay with us.

David and brooke, thank you very much.

More "street smart" after this.


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