Why Germany’s Saying `Nein’ to Uber

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Sept. 2 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Paul Kedrosky discusses opposition to Uber in Germany. He speaks on “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Paul is with us to talk with us about some of the implications.

Uber has faced opposition in individual cities.

London, lots of opposition.

Germany, an entire country saying that you cannot operate your service?

What does it mean ? you kind of have to split it into a bunch of pieces.

It is not as straightforward as it might initially seem.

Germany and some of the largest cities have some of the highest cap rates in europe and in the world.

-- cab rates in europe and in the world.

Even more than new york.

And then you have this wrapped in the guise of let's protect the consumer.

You will hear about how, what will happen in the event of an accident, how is the passenger insured?

They do not have to take the same training courses as other drivers, so what if they cannot find the destination?

There are quite like consumer -- quiuasi-consumer politics wrapped around this.

Are they protecting the consumer or the taxi and limousine commission?

It seems like these ridesharing businesses have been a great benefit to us, the consumer.


The claim that they are protecting the consumers is made by taxi drivers and politicians, not by the consumers themselves.

The comments say who is saying i am protected?

I am not protected at all, , this is also serving -- all self-serving by those who charge on a per mile basis.

What is that it does this set -- precedent does this set?

I am not sure, but you have the international community scolding germany and saying we are trying to promote startups.

And some crazy potshots between the eu, google, and germany.

Many people say it is unstoppable.

How much could this situation in germany affect the company?

I do not think it will in the long run.

I think what will happen is what has happened in other jurisdictions.

You will see concessions with more training programs, making them more of a parity with other organizations.

The idea that you can put your finger in the flow and stop these ridesharing organizations, is nonsensical.

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