U.S. Air Strikes in Iraq Under Consideration

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June 12 (Bloomberg) - Bloomberg’s Hans Nichols and Phil Mattingly report on talk by Iraq’s oil minister that the U.S. will provide air strikes to help Iraqi forces battle Islamic groups who have taken over three major cities in the nation. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

Made from northern iraq.

That gives you an indication of how serious, how desperate the situation may be there.

That comes from the iraqi oil minister in vienna for an oil meeting.

We do not have that independently confirmed from the pentagon or u.s. government officials.

Here are the cities that have fallen -- hussein's hometown.

The oil city has always been a divided city, arabs, kurds, that appears to be in the hands of kurdish forces.

The very fact that the militia is loyal to the kurds is working hand-in-hand and talking and having close court a nation with the arab government in baghdad is a significant sign.

It gives you a sense of just how serious it is.

Of course we do not need to know how serious but the oil -- with the oil market showing a great reaction.

Up up 2.5%. brent up a little higher than wti, which is traded in new york.

Here is a statement from the militants.

This comes from a website that militants frequently use.

We have not been able to confirm this ourselves.

Here is what he says, march to baghdad, we have to set scores there.

Do not let them catch their breath, be sure that victory comes from god.

I suspect that when the pentagon briefs later today you will get a lot more information on what the u.s. plans to do, and i know phil mattingly will be knocking on doors at the white house trying to get a sense as well.

Phil will pick that up right now.

I do want to point out, there is word that in recent weeks the iraqi government reached out to the united states for help to contain the militants, possibly with the use of airstrikes.

Phil mattingly is our white house correspondent and joins us from washington this morning.

What are you hearing there?

Right now we are not getting any confirmation that any bombing is imminent.

To your point, what we do know is a request was made from the prime minister's government.

It has not been responded to yet.

What i heard from u.s. officials last night and this morning is they believed the situation is very grave and are watching it very closely, but in terms of actual actions taken, nothing has been laid out.

What we have been told, increase training, definitely more equipment in the works.

Airstrikes a possibility, as our increased intelligence capabilities and thrown use as well are things floating around between the pentagon and white house.

The key thing is the administration is very wary of getting back into iraq in any way, shape or form.

The ability to remove troops and the u.s. from the situation is considered a strong point of his foreign-policy.

I think the problem, and you hear it a lot on capitol hill in talking to republican staffers engaged in the issue is when the president remove troops from there, there was no stability force left due to an inability to lock in an agreement with iraq, therefore it, the u.s. is in a poor position even as the government request more support.

The seizure of the city seems to have taken much of the world by surprise.

Given the iraqi government reached out to the u.s. in recent weeks, i have to imagine it was not a surprise to the president, not a surprise to the state department.

Is the reason we did not hear anything because of that posture, the president so relax and to put iraq back on the agenda gekko ? i think in part.

When the administration has these conversations behind the scenes with anybody him and especially with what is going on iraq, it is not something they want to announce to the world.

I think while the administration may have been aware this is coming, the speed with which this group has moved through iraq, i think has caught everyone off guard.

I think you should see capitol hill, because that is often where you get the clearest picture of what everyone is thinking, people are stunned.

They are stunned at how fast this has moved, and the concern is the administration does not have a lot of contingency plans to move on iraq.

In speaking with people involved with the administration they clearly have things on the table they are working through that they want to move on quickly.

How quickly is the big question.

The iraqis think something is coming quick and in a big way.

We have not heard that from the administration yet.

What we do know is on the table if they move likely, that will make a major difference as the situation continues to more or less implode.

We know the militants have

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