U.S. Shutdown Day 3: Obama, Boehner, Bank CEOs

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Oct. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News Washington correspondent Phil Mattingly updates the latest on the government shutdown following President Barack Obama’s meeting with Congressional leaders, House Speaker John Boehner’s work behind the scenes to work towards a deal and the shutdown message delivered bank CEOs. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

No peer it what the lawmakers were saying it at they come out of the meeting -- they are very entrenched in their positions are now.

President barack obama has made very clear publicly and privately he is not going to negotiate over the continuing resolution or the debt ceiling.

John boehner is in a position where he needs something.

To get to the table, he needs them to offer something so he can take it back to their members and say maybe this will be a victory.

Right now, that is not happening.

Behind the scenes, john boehner, according to aides familiar with this, they tell me has been quietly meeting with his members, trying to that the temperature.

He wants to keep everybody unified as this shutdown continues and they start getting a lot of rusher, but he is trying to find a way out.

There are a couple of options that are starting to percolate right now.

Time is leading toward a bigger deal.

Trying to wrap and some of the debt stuff we saw last year during negotiations.

The white house very wary of this.

At least we are starting to see something happening.

President obama also met with wall street bankers yesterday, and a debt ceiling of course front and center there.

Lloyd blankfein, one of the ceo's with the president, he professed the dangers of a default.

There is a precedent for government shutdown.

There is no precedent for default.

We are the most aborted economy in the world with a reserve currency of the world, payment have to go out to people.

If money does not flow in, then money does not flow out.

So we really have not seen this before, and i am not anxious to be a part of the process of witnessing it.

Lloyd blake find there.

Phil mattingly, are other business leaders getting face time with the white house or congress?

Death really congress.

Here's what the white house wants -- they want these guys to his breast to the american people what would really happen -- to express to the american people what would really happen if we do fall.

Is anybody listening to that message?

I really don't think that is clear yet.

The whole nation is concerned.

Phil mattingly, our washington correspondent, joining us from washington today on the latest.

Day three of the shutdown, no progress between the leaders after meeting last night.

Our twitter question of the day --what would happen if we don't raise our debt ceiling?

As we barrel ahead to the october 17 day.

Cletus @bsurveillance -- tweet us @bsurveillance.

We have a great "bloomberg surveillance" for you.

A lot of smart guest.

Our best toast this morning, bart chilton of the cftc.

He wrote the agency's best selling book, of for pulitzer, "ponzimonium." also joining us, cameron and nzari.

How is your life changed in day three of the shutdown?

The markets are not being looked at, the sox are being looked after by the sec because they are funded with these, but

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