Why U.S. Sent B52s Into Disputed China Air Zone

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Nov. 26 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. flew two B-52 bombers into an air-defense zone that China has claimed and Japan rejects, according to a U.S. defense official, who said China wasn’t notified in advance. Bloomberg Contributing Editor Richard Falkenrath speaks with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

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The main reason for the b-52s is that the united states did not want to give china the legitimacy of this air defense system, which it unilaterally declared over contested international waters and international airspace.

They flew these the 52 through it without giving the air defense notification that china said on saturday it is requiring of everyone.

It is a direct challenge to the chinese move.

We have not heard back from the chinese, right?

And there is no way we well.

For domestic reasons, there is no way the chinese government can allow this to go unchecked.

It is too public of inaction.

In asia, much of this is about- face and who looks to be on top.

This is a long-running dispute that has gotten pretty serious in the last couple of years.

We have spoken about this before.

How is china likely to respond?

The ball is in their court.

We threw to the 52 through there.

Now it is up to them.

Maybe they will try to intercept the aircraft with their own fighter jets.

They did that in march, two thousand one, and there was an accident in international airspace resulting in the death of a chinese pilot.

We are not sure what the next move is, but if we know anything about the u.s. -- about the chinese, they are going to do something.

Both john kerry and chuck hagel deplore this action.

Secretary hagel said we are going to continue doing business as usual.

One of the reasons they are doing this is to reduce pressure on japan to do something.

An exchange between japan and china is more dangerous than one in which we are involved.

We are trying to show the japanese, essentially, we still have your back in this very sensitive area, don't you do anything to provoke the chinese.

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