Iraq Rescue Mission: U.S. Sends 130 More Advisers

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Aug. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Kurdish forces fought to retake positions overrun by Islamic State fighters in northern Iraq last week as Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki tried to cling to power with his international backing crumbling. Phil Mattingly reports on U.S. aid to Iraq on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

These discussions?

They are not.

This was a recommendation by defense secretary chuck hagel a few days ago.

The president authorize that.

The 130 advisers landed in rebuild -- in irbil yesterday.

They feel they have been invited by the iraqis, so therefore they are abiding by international law and they do not need to report to congress immediately.

They can do this on their own right now.

I am confused this morning about where this goes.

And the bloomberg news articles, there is a discussion candidate -- discussion of tentative 10,000 migrating troops.

How tentative is that?

I would say this.

All sorts of plans are in the works at the pentagon.

They have to be prepared for anything.

No one thinks 10,000 troops in an advisory capacity or boots on the ground is even remotely tenable.

I do think pentagon officials are briefing the white house right now.

What we have heard from administration officials is that there is a real recognition that the 700 advisers that are in there right now, the work they're doing on the humanitarian side to help these refugees stuck on the top of mount sinjar, they will not have a long-term issue -- long-term effects.

This is a band-aid type of move.

Dick durbin, majority leader, and obviously a democrat, he is supportive of president obama up to a point.

To the 130 advisers on the ground fall in that area of support?

Anything he does in the next couple of weeks is lucky in the sense that everybody is at home for august recess.

There are not a lot of lawmakers that can get to the microphones.

There are not a lot of lawmakers that our focus on campaigns right now and i come back and give him a hard time.

They are trying to hit the sweet spot.

These 130 advisers are going explicitly to work on the humanitarian issue, the work on the refugees.

This is something that appeals to democrats.

This is something that dick durbin specifically said he is supportive of.

Any time you send an authorization like this, even advisory trips, members of congress targeting worried.

Thank you, phil mattingly, from washington.

We will continue our discussion this morning.

We have two wonderful guests.

Willis sparks is with your ages -- eurasia group.

David servos is with jeffries.

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